Monday, June 6, 2011

SafeManager v2.20 415 S60v3 S60v5 English by HarGovind

SafeManager v2.20 415 S60v3 S60v5 English by HarGovind

Features :

● Creating your own profiles for the program.
● Schedule for profiles. You can set the start time as the profile of the program, change over time, profiles of the phone.
● Option settings rebound ....
1. Busy signal.
2. Hide call and SMS from the magazine in a special section of Privacy.
3. Busy signal + SMS text message pre-write themselves.
4. Number is not available.
5. Out of the network.
6. The subscriber is locked.
7. Divert your number to the guidelines.
Redirects in paragraphs 4, 5, 6, is installed automatically from the settings on your phone
● Section confidentiality (Private). Allows you to hide the calls and messages from the log.
● You can set a password for the section in person or on the entrance into the program.
● Ability to conduct correspondence on Drugs SMS with the numbers in the section Personal, in a special chat room (kind of like in ICQ)
● Import / Export messages, the entire section in person or all program settings in separate files.
● Notification of interceptions on the desktop. A display set up for yourself.
● Display the call number information. Region / operator. Base until only the Chinese! Waiting .... maybe somebody will take and the joy of our Russian / Ukrainian.
● After receiving an unknown call, the program asks about making this call in the black list.
● Cleaning the phone from the debris. Clear history, browser cache, preview images itp
● Scanning file system for malicious files.
● Scan running and installed programs on their performance.
● Scan *. zip *. sis (. Sisx) packets for malicious files and damage.
● Optimization of a smartphone. Ie process management, closing processes and programs.
● The program keeps statistics wasted your traffic.
● Display of all windows, mini-window with traffic. Size, window position, and text in the box set up for yourself.
● There is scope to include the function block network programs. When you try to access a network program asks you to release the application and after an answer to the first request, second request for listing on application to the list of permitted or prohibited.
● The system of rationing. Expose the monthly limit and has reached the limit of the program notifies you about it. In the mini-window with an increase in wasted traffic moving bar allowing you to visually monitor your spending.

Changes in version:
1) Added AutoReport about messages from the Internet.
Information about incoming messages from the Internet sent to the server SafeManager, it will help developers improve locks spam messages (feature may be turned off in settings);
2) The interface section of the "Other";
3) Increase the speed to create a list of installed applications in the "My Software";
4) Improved section "Diagnosis".
WARNING! If at the end of diagnostics in the "Installed" see the inscription "Unknown X pieces" do not panic, it is not viruses, just information about these applications is not in the database SafeManager, the developer recommends to send the installation package these applications for their e-mail to check and add base.

Download :

SafeManager v2.20 415 S60v3 S60v5 English by HarGovind

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