Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mobile Movie Editor HD OS9.4 S60V5 Unsigned


Movi Editor-full-featured video editor from Sony Ericsson.
Key Features:
- Preview video in MP4 format., 3GP. (The rest did not check)
- Ability to Trim., Merge videos.
- Add product pictures, sound effects, subtitles.
- There is a frame by cutting the video.
- Record live sound with the ability to rewrite.
-Add text to video.
- Ability to create a slide show of photos and video transition effect it.
- Editing videos taken with your camera to your smartphone.

Test 5800xm. With the flash files may not see, running with the disc (E).

Sony Ericsson Movie Editor-HD

Opera Mobile 10.1.beta2 v10.10.934935


Opera Mobile 10 - a new beta version of the well-know internet browser, is now available for smartphones running Symbian 9.x. Opera Mobile includes the most advanced technologies and capabilities that are
comparable with similar
functions in Opera for PC.
New user-friendly and
intuitive interface, fast
download, zoom and pan pages, built-in password manager, and convenient system of tabs and support for touch screens
- this is only part of the
features that make Opera Mobile one of the most comfortable browser for your smartphone.
*Fast loading pages 50%
faster than previous version of Opera;
*Support for zooming and panning pages;
*Compressing web pages up to 70%, which significantly
reduces the costs of traffic;
*New polzovetelsky interface with support for tabs;
*Access to your favorite pages using visual bookmarks;
*Save web pages for late viewing offline;
*Auto-completion for fast
input web addresses;
*Full podderzhaka technology AJAX;
*Support for smartphones with touch screens and much more..
Change Log :
In Beta 2 we are excited to introduce an ARM optimized
version of our lates Carakan JavaScript engine. JavaScript execution speed is increase about 4 times!
We are releasing Beta 2 to encourage user feedback on the updated JavaScript
engine. So we encourage all users of Symbian phones, advanced or novice, to try out this beta 2 and report bugs in the forums.
Known issues include:
* Higher memory usage for Carakan with JIT Compilation.
* Due to timing issues with different geolocation information providers (WiFi, cell towers, GPS) first request may have poor
* Fast scrolling on Touch devices not optimized for page rendering
* Opera Link may not work when using APN with a proxy configured
* Some SVGT images may appear to freeze on Nokia E series phones
* If SIM card is not
registered, or phone is in flight mode, first geolocation request in a browser session may fail

Opera Mobile 10.1.beta2

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

UCWEB 7.2.251 HUI


Description added:
-Custom block size...
-Create/Not Create new thread on screen shot


Monday, September 27, 2010

Rovio Mobile Angry Birds litev.1.02(0) signed FOR S^3


Arcade – 6,02 MB

Angry Birds Lite for Symbian^3 (v1.2.0) The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds ’ eggs. Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste to the pigs ’ fortified castles. Angry Birds Lite features challenging physics-based castle demolition, and lots of replay value. Each of the 6 levels requires logic, skill, and brute force to crush the enemy. Protect wildlife, or play Angry Birds!


Angry Birds Lite for Symbian^3 (v1.2.0)

SPB Mobile Shell v3.7.537 For s60v5


A wonderful program for our smartphones, which can do the following:
- Create a realistic 3D animation in the menu
- Huge selection of widgets
- Ability to change styles and design
- Beautiful and realistic graphics
- Widget weather like SPB Weather is already included in the kit
- Ease of use

Version: 3.7.537
Developer: SPB Software
Language: English / Russian
Platform: Symbian OS 9.4

- Improved full screen mode. There is a display of almost all the icons. Not implemented: the distinction icons for EDGE and 3G.
- Remade card contacts. Now you can choose the action for each number (call, send sms, video call, etc.)
- To widget “contact” added a new action by default: open a contact card in the system
- You can delete a photo from a contact card
- In the gallery of images added options sorts of images (partially implemented)



Voyager Home Screen (vHome) v3.95 English S60v3 By


Voyager Home Screen (vHome) is a free ware helps you customize your S60's home screen with big clock, start menu, weather, news ticker, Google, fav contact, smart dialing, etc.
Key features:
Features like Google, weather, news, Operator logo, big clock are pretty straight forward, if you do not like a certain feature, just press C to disable it. Press left/right on to- do bar and news bar could switch item.
Quick task switch: we use the red end key to switch between running tasks, it's lot easier than pressing home key and then select, also you will never quit java apps like Opera Mini/Gmail by accidentally pressing Red key.
Smart dialing: just type one number for one letter, to find any contact fast. Like 2455 for Bill. You can use this for apps, too. Like 46245 for Gmail. You might find phone's menu a bit useless when you can get to anything from home screen with smart dialing.
Start menu: another way to organize your apps, you can locate an app using smart dialing, and place the app in start menu or home screen shortcut easily. And we support sub-folder in start menu.
MyFav: we scan your call logs automatically and place the people you call/text most frequently in MyFav feature, on the home screen's right selection key (of course you can change this with any app you want). Press left/right key in this, you can see your most used apps, too.
vApps: yeah, we include a mini App store, the seventh shortcut. Not too many apps for now (tell us what you want to see here), we want to gather the best free apps here, all fit your phone model (we test and organize them by screen resolution, MR/FP1/ FP2 etc., so you don't have to). Just one click to download, auto install to E:, dead simple. (the list is updated automatically, so check in once in a while).
New app popup: after a new app is installed, you would see a popup asking if you would like to run it now. Save you time digging in to menu to find it.
Web directory: Click web browser, you'll see our directory page. All most popular mobile sites (hopefully). If you don't like it, just turn it off in Start- Settings-More Keypad Lock: sorry the system's settings would not work, please setup again in vHome.
Lock is easy: Start- Lock, much better than old way. Press end key twice to unlock.
Connection: by default, vHome update weather/news each hour, 9:00-23:00 (no update if you disable news and weather), change this in Start- Settings-Connection to suit your needs.


vHome v395 EN Translated By Gholamzadegan.sis

eBuddy 150 Handler HUI 200b3

This is updated eBuddy handler, this app runs on all java phone.
the instruction below:
1. After installing, go to
2. Choose Option on
eBuddy150HandlerUI, then
3. Change the Network access to Ask Once, then go back.
4. Run the eBuddy150HandlerUI.
5. Fill the query settings on
6. Change the Proxy Type to
7. Fill the Proxy Server to
your GPRS Proxy Setting with
this format (Server:port)
8. Press Save.
Known bug:
-Unstable connection
-Avatar Image currently not
available(on Proxy through
- Compatible For 6600 (s60v2) and some cellphone java, the screen shot will not working cause it needs a
JSR-45 Support...


eBuddy 150 Handler HUI 200b3

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dear Hunter v1.01 Afrikan Safari (iPhone iPodTouch iPad Games)

"The most realistic hunting franchise on the iPhone
returns with an all new
adventure: Deer Hunter:
African Safari! Travel to
South Africa, Cameroon and
Tanzania to bag exotic big
game such as Zebra, Buffalo, Kudu, Elephants, Lions and more! Experience
breathtaking African scenery as you progress from rookie to master hunter, unlocking new hunts and purchasing new gear, weapons and skills.
Participate in multi-day
hunting excursions or opt for quickplay mode where you can choose from lightning and bonus rounds.
Based on the multi-platform, best-selling hunting game from Atari, Deer Hunter:
African Safari is as real as it gets!
- Hunt in 3 different African countries including South Africa, Cameroon and
Tanzania, all expertly
rendered to make for the most realistic hunting sim
experience available on the
- All new exotic big game
indigenous to Africa: Zebra,
Buffalo, Kudu, Elephants,
Lions and more - all with true-to-life sense and behaviors!
- Stay alert! Certain dangerous animals like buffalo and lions will charge at you if your first shot isn't fatal, leaving you less reaction time
to fire a second shot.
- New day cycle adds realism to your hunts as daylight changes from dawn to noon to dusk
- Toggle weapons mid-hunt -
you can now choose between 2 different weapons during any
given hunt.
- Use the dynamic scope to
zoom in and fire more precise shots, hitting your target's
""kill zone.""
- Develop your skills:
accuracy, reflexes, endurance,
tracking and stealth.
- The bigger the game, the
better the game - unlock new hunts and purchase new gear, weapons and skills by bagging the biggest animals.
- Visit the interactive trophy room and re-live your most skillful kills - view stats such as bullet trajectory, exact position of the animal when killed, and any bonus points
earned for kill zone hits, vital hits, specific trophy values and distance.
- Share Trophies of your most revered kills with friends."

How To Train Your Dragon


Play as Hiccup the Viking and Toothless the dragon. Solve puzzles, explore the Island of Berk, and soar through the open skies above.


nokia_s40v5LE (240X320)

nokia_s60v3 (240x320)



Nokia s60v5 (360x640)

Friday, September 24, 2010

FreeiSMS AllInOne v1.09 Final Express Signed

S60v3 and s60v5 application.
iSMS updated from v1.08 to v1.09
Change Log:
- Password protect your conversations
- Option to change bubble colour with better interface
- Own picture in conversations
- Few other changes here and there People who have bought iSMS 1.08 can directly update to this version.
- Fake sms
- Backup, Restore and Export sms
- Auto start
- Hide from tasklis
- New sms notification
- Kinetic scrolling
- Background image
- Chat skin (10 skin)
- Your icon sms
- etc..

dunludFreeiSMS AllInOne v1.09 Final Express Signed

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Slide Unlock v2.10 English Unsigned


★ SlideUnlock (S60v5 dedicated slide to unlock) is a mobile phone and the desktop shortcut to unlock additional enhancements to the software, which not only has a wealth of additional unlock method, but also gorgeous interface DIY extensions, is that you not only enjoy more than IPhone, Windows Phone and other mobile phone unlock even more dazzling effect of the sliding, but also unconventional.
★ A variety of keys, cell phone sensor function can play in this software, plus unlock features are fully utilized, is that you can do it without touching the phone to complete plus unlock, greatly reduce the side-S60v5 of mobile phones the burden of sliding lock button, can effectively extend the life of the phone keys, the maximum convenience for mobile phone use.
★ Another theft alarm, phone restart and the keyboard lighting controls and other small features will bring you convenience.
★ Powerful extensions to maximize the skin's highlight your personality and taste.
★ Can extend more slide program shortcuts.
★ The skin through a software installation package to expand, to extend the software's capabilities, to facilitate your own personalized custom sliding unlock exclusive.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ShowDelMsg v2.00 English by Emad Rallah


applicable models: theoretical
support all S60V3 and s60v5 devices
type, but does not guarantee
that all models are
Test Model: 5630
and 5800 (September 2010)
Installation: please delete the
old version before installing
the new version.
And Py platform is needed.
Introduction: This software
can phone the information
within one month: the
messages sent and the inbox
all the information (including
deleted information),
transferred to the software
Description Copyright: This
software localization changes
from the support point.
Speaking of copyright belongs
to the world andstay smart
point Iori all. Welcome
reproduced, reprinted, please
indicate the point of harvest
was completed, finished
intelligence world works
Disclaimer: The finished
works can not guarantee that
all of the phones compatible
with the hardware and any
software installed,you may
have to shoulder all the
possible use of this procedure
the risk of occurrence!
Note- The program is Python
Python and Modules Should be


Avacs 210 Handler UI 200 b3

Aplikasi handler berbasis java ini cukup menarik.
Ada room,
upload foto,
Share foto dan file,
Private message,
Dan lain2..
Ini adalah Aplikasi handler, jadi jika anda punya settingan gratis bisa diterapkan di aplikasi ini.


Kalimantan Menjadi Ibu kota Indonesia,, Mungkinkah??

Ibukota Indonesia di Kalimantan
Ada Beragam keluhan kerap menyapa ibukota Negara Indonesia tersebut. Ya. . . Macet, semrawut, penuh sesak, fungsi menumpuk, juga langganan terkena goyangan gempa sudah identik dengan Jakarta.
Di tengah keluhan yang tak pernah surut tersebut, wacana memindahkan ibukota kembali muncul. Kali ini datang dari Wakil Ketua Komisi II Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat yang membidangi Pemerintahan, Teguh Juwarno. Ia kembali menggulirkan wacana
pemindahan ibukota dari Jakarta ke wilayah tengah Indonesia, yakni di Pulau Kalimantan.
"Itu kan gagasan sudah lama," kata Teguh kepada, Senin, 26 Juli 2010.
Dia mengungkapkan Jakarta sudah menjadi beban berat bagi Indonesia. Kemacetan sudah semakin parah, bahkan telah menimbulkan kerugian Rp17,2 triliun per tahun.
Bahkan, iring-iringan mobil pejabat negara sering dikecam karena menambah kemacetan.
Selain itu, Jakarta sudah memiliki fungsi yang menumpuk, seperti kota jasa keuangan, perdagangan dan pemerintah sekaligus.
Belum lagi, soal Jakarta yang rawan gempa karena posisinya berdekatan dengan pesisir selatan dan barat Pulau Jawa.
Wilayah ini sering menjadi langganan gempa karena berada di wilayah dekat perbatasan antar lempeng besar yang mudah bertubrukan, yakni lempeng Australia dan lempeng India bertubrukan dengan lempeng Sunda.
Wilayah sekitar lempeng ini
secara seismic sangat aktif
sehingga sering gempa.
Wilayah yang dimaksud adalah Sumatra, Jawa, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Banda, Maluku dan Papua seperti terungkap dalam peta zona gempa Indonesia yang didasarkan pada sejarah gempa negeri ini.
Sekjen Partai Gerakan Indonesia Raya, Ahmad
Muzani, juga menilai kawasan yang paling cocok adalah di Pulau Kalimantan.
"Jadi menurut saya, wacana ini sudah terlalu lama dan sudah terlalu sering, dalam setiap rezim kepresidenan ini selalu diwacanakan," katanya di gedung parlemen, Senayan, Jakarta, Senin 26 Juli 2010.
Menurut Muzani, saatnya parlemen memutuskan untuk membangun sebuah kawasan baru untuk Ibukota.
"Yang paling ideal memang Kalimantan."
Lalu kenapa Kalimantan?
Dari sisi lokasi, menurut
Teguh Juwarno, Kalimantan cukup strategis karena berada di tengah-tengah wilayah Indonesia.
Kedua, menurut Peta Gempa 2010, Kalimantan juga termasuk wilayah yang paling aman dari zona gempa. Para ahli gempa juga kerap mengungkapkan Kalimantan menjadi wilayah paling aman dari gempa karena pulau besar ini jauh dari wilayah tumbukan lempeng besar, serta jauh dari ring gunung berapi yang memanjang dari Sumatra, Jawa, Bali dan seterusnya.
Ketiga, kepentingan pemerataan pembangunan di luar Jawa. "Jakarta biar
menjadi pusat bisnis," kata Muzani.
Keempat, Kalimantan kini tengah sibuk membangun berbagai prasarana infrastruktur. Seperti jalur kereta api, jalan raya lintas Kalimantan yang akan berdampak bagi kemajuan dan pertumbuhan ekonomi di pulau tersebut.
Muzani menyebut, sejumlah negara lain juga sudah memindahkan ibukota negara mereka ke lokasi lain. Contohnya, Pakistan memindahkan Ibukota ke Islamabad, Arab Saudi dari Jeddah ke Riyadh, Australia dari Sydney ke Canberra, Malaysia pindah ke Putrajaya,
dan Afrika Selatan pindah dari Capetown ke
"Jadi banyak yang berhasil kan. Nah, kita berhasil mewacanakan, belum berhasil melaksanakan," kata Muzani.


Monday, September 20, 2010

BlackBerry Sebagai Modem Komputer/Laptop


19 September 2010

OS = Windows XP
Device = BlackBerry Bold 9000
(mungkin bisa untuk spesifikasi yang lain)

1. Anda harus menjalankan BlackBery Desktop Manager, lalu hubungkan komputer/ laptop anda dengan BlackBerry melalui kabel data yang tersedia. BlackBery Desktop Manager bisa didapat dari CD yang menyertai pembelian BlackBerry Asli, atau dapat didownload di website BlackBerry.
2. Buka Control Panel pada windows, pilih Phone and Modem Options.
3. Pada kotak Phone and Modem Options, klik tab Modem
4. Klik pada Standart Modem – COMxx. Jika anda pernah menginstal modem lain, maka pada The following modems are installed, bisa jadi tidak hanya berisi 1 modem Standart Modem. Kode COMxx adalah menerangkan nomor port COM USB yang menjadi target hubungan antara komputer/laptop dengan BlackBerry anda. Jika anda telah mencolokkan kabel data hubungan tersebut pada salah satu colokan USB pada komputer/laptop anda, maka selanjutnya penggunaan modem Blackberry hanya bisa dilakukan pada colokan USB saat anda menginstal.
5. Klik tombol Properties.
6. Pada kotak dialog Standart Modem Properties yang baru muncul, klik tab Diagnostics.
7. Klik Query Modem
8. Perhatikan informasi yang muncul, jika BlackBerry anda terhubung dengan baik, maka akan muncul informasi ATxx – Research In Motion BlackBerry IP Modem. Jika anda telah menginstal banyak modem, maka informasi yang muncul pun akan banyak sesuai modem yang telah terinstal. Pastikan bahwa Research In Motion BlackBerry IP Modem ada dalam informasi tersebut.
9. Masih pada kotak dialog yang sama, klik tab Advanced. Lalu pada Extra initialization commands, tuliskan kode berikut sesuai dengan kartu provider :
untuk Telkomsel : at+cgdcont=1,”IP”,”telkomsel”
untuk XL : at +cgdcont=1,”IP”,”www.xlgprs. net”
untuk Indosat : at +cgdcont=1,”IP”,”indosatgprs”
untuk AXIS/Smart/ Esia/dll : ….. belom kuketahui
10. Klik OK

Koneksi ke Internet via BlackBerry di komputer/ laptop :
1. Buka Control Panel, pilih Network Connection
2. Klik Create a new connection
3. Pada kotak dialog New Connection Wizard, pilih Connect to Internet
4. Klik Next
5. Pilih Set up my connection manually
6. Klik Next
7. Pilih Connect using a dial up modem
8. Klik Next
9. Pilih modem sesuai dengan settingan awal (diatas) tadi yaitu Standart Modem
10. Klik Next
11. Tulis untuk nama ISP (ISP Name), misalnya : My BlackBerry Modem
12. Klik Next
13. Isikan Phone Number dengan nomor *99# atau *99***1#
14. Klik Next
15. Untuk Username dan Passwoord tidak perlu diisikan.
16. Klik Next
17. Klik Finish
18. Pada Control Panel – Network Connection, icon My BlackBerry Modem (sesuai nama yang anda berikan) bisa dipindahkan atau di-send ke desktop, agar gampang ketika menggunakannya.

Menjalankan BlackBerry sebagai modem
1. Jalankan BlackBerry Desktop Manager
2. Hubungkan BlackBerry ke komputer/laptop
3. Klik icon My Blackberry Modem yang anda buat tadi
4. Klik Dial

Sumber :

Quick Office dan AdobeReader dalam 1 Instalisasi

..Hack hp anda dulu ya..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Javanese-Indonesian-English Dictionary

..Kamus Online...
Bisa translate :
~ bhs inggris ke bhs jawa (dan sebaliknya)
~ bhs indonesia ke bahasa jawa (dan sebaliknya)
~ bhs inggris ke bhs indonesia (dan sebaliknya)

[english, javanese (ngoko), javanese (krama), indonesian]

Cara pakai:
*Pilih bahasa sumber dan tujuan
*ketik kata yg akan di translate
*klik tombol translate.
lalu hasilny akan terlihat.

Silahkan menuju link berikut.

RomPatcher+ v2.3 Mod Without Annoying Popup Message and Patches


RomPatcher+ Mod ini telah di modifikasi sehingga tidak ada popup saat membuka RP+. Saya jg akan menjelaskan fungsi dari beberapa patch..

1. 12 Months Call Log
Log akan menampilkan aktifitas komunikasi selama 365hari
2. Multi Tap - Long
Memperlambat pengetikan hingga 1 detik
3. Multi Tap - Short
Mempercepat pengetikan hingga 0,3 dtik
4. NoBlankPassword
Saat mengetik password, password tidak akan brubah menjadi bintang2.
5. Remove Record Tone
Menghilangkan suara saat memulai merekam.
6. Remove red LED
Nonaktifkan led merah saat mmbuat video ataupun foto.
7. Remove Charger Notes
Menghilangkan notifikasi "mengisi baterai dan baterai penuh.
8. Reset On Power Long Press
Bila tombol power ditahan, maka hp akn merestart.
9. Global Note Fix
It is used to supress system
notes. Following Patches must
be applied after enabling
Global Note Fix
10. Disable DataConnNote
Menghilangkan notifikasi "koneksi paket data ditahan" saat melakukan panggilan.
11. Disable USSDFailNotes
Tak ada lg notif "request not complete atw jaringan sibuk" saat cek *555# dll.
12. No Profile Switch Note
Tak ada notif saat ganti profil.
13. NoIndicatorContainer
Menghilangkan indicator Bluetooth, Alarm, Usb, Sync dll di HS (HomeScreen)
14. NoSignalPaneIcon
Menghilangkan tower sinyal. Tp garis sinyal tetap ada.
15. NoSignalPane
Menghilangkan tower dan sinyal indikator.
Nb. Pilih salah satu dr 14 dan 15.
16. NoBatteryPaneIcon
Ikon baterai hilang, tp garis baterai tetap ada.
17. NoBatteryPane
Icon dan garis baterai hilang.
Nb. Pilih salah satu lg.
18. BlockGPRS
Blokir gprs dari tman yg nyuri online. KoneksiNy akan gagal terus.
19. Themes disable
Membuat tema ga bisa dibuka.
20. Setting disable
Membuat seting hp ga bsa di buka.
21. Lock Bluetooth
Menu bluetooth ga bisa dibuka.
22. LCD Light Always ON
Membuat Lcd selalu menyala.

Copy ke E:\Patches lalu buka RP+ dan apply.
dwnlodimgRP+Mod and Patches
dwnlodimgMore Patches
Patch diatas telah di test (work) pada nokia 5800xm sepertiNy kompatible untuk s60v3 dan s60v5.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Menambahkan Gambar Nokia Hack Saat Shutdown

Tips utk hp nokia s60v3 lg nih,, biasany pas hp dimatikan cuma "cyuutt" mati. skrg ad gambarny..


1. hp hrus sudah Di Hack GambarNokiaHackShutdown

,,,Cara pasang,,,

*ekstrak file zip..

*letakkanlah file SysAp.mif di C:\Resource\Apps.

*Sedangkan patch ChangeShutdownImage.rmp ditaruh di E:\Patches.

*Aktifkan dan add to auto patch tersebut lewat ROMPatcher.

Lalu tes matikan hp

VHome Desktop 3.92 English by Tuanloc


Voyager Home Screen
(vHome) is a free ware helps
you customize your S60's
Enable one or two rows of application shortcuts as well as 6 or 7 shortcuts per row.
Key features:
Features like Google, weather,
news, Operator logo, big clock
are pretty straight forward.
Quick task switch: we use the
red end key to switch between
running tasks, it's lot easier
than pressing home key and
then select, also you will
never quit java apps like
Opera Mini/Gmail by
accidentally pressing Red key.
Start menu: another way to
organize your apps, you can
locate an app using smart
dialing, and place the app in
start menu or home screen
shortcut easily. And we
support sub-folder in start
New app popup: after a new
app is installed, you would see
a popup asking if you would
like to run it now.
Lock is easy: Start-Lock,
much better than old way.
Press end key twice to unlock.
And many more.
What's new:
*Added theme settings menu in
the landscape mode;
*Improved startup speed;
*Fixed bug of slow switching
between big clock modes;
*Fixed bug with adding
shortcut icons on navigation
*Restored Nokia style;
*Other small fixes and

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

National Football League _NFL_2011


Game Bounce Boing Battle S60v5



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nimbuzz 172 HUI 200b1

Update nimbuzz handler. Suport touch screen phone and more fast then HUI 150 version..

Monday, September 13, 2010

Menghilangkan Suara Kamera di Hp Simbyan

Malu rasaNya jika saat memotret terdengar suara kamera dari handphone kita, apalagi saat banyak orang.. Ada yg bilang norak lah,, ada jg yg bilang pamer hape.
Nah, cara biar ga ada suaranya:
*dengan menginstal NoCameraSound.sis
* Lalu ubah profil hape menjadi silent atau diam.
Sekarang anda bebas berfoto ria tanpa ada suara lg. (cocok bwt yg suka moto pasangan tanpa ijin,, hehehe)

Nb: hape harus sudah DI HACK

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Free Sms Worldwide

Smz gratis melalui web silahkan kunjungi

Tested menggunakan handphone dan PC ke nomer dalam dan luar negri hasilNy maknyuz..
(tested 11Sept2010)

Untuk sementara link diatas tidak bisa digunakan karna servernya pinda domain. Untuk free sms Indonesia silahkan follow this link.

free sms indonesia | sms gratis indonesia

lebih mudah dan juga tanpa registrasi.

UC Browser Eng v7.4 Handler Java

UC Browser Eng v7.4 Java,
Symbian s60v2 and s60v3

Ucweb have launched new
version. This version is 7.4
and can use in more platform
like java, symbian 2nd and
3rd. Whats new from this
version? Maybe you want to
know about it. As usual, this
version have more feature and
give you new experience when
you open one page.
This is development in uc
browser 7.4.
1. WAP 2.0 optimization, a
new analysis engine,
support more dazzling
2. Skins optimization, the
menu is more
convenient to use.
3. To increase the default
setting to download call
UC Thunder.
Camera function
optimization, support
zoom function.
4. Input box Search Box
from the painting, more
convenient to input use
5. Search Results page
open a new window.
6. Bookmarks interface,
interface and other UI
effects optimization


Friday, September 10, 2010

VHome Desktop 3.79 s60v3


vhome make your mobile home screen awsome. Enable one or two rows of application shortcuts as well as 6 or 7 shortcuts per row. News feed display with favicon, which includes TechMeme, TechCrunch, New York Times, CNN, BBC, ESPN, and more. Calendar and to-do notes which rotate through the different items on the same row. Google search box. Weather display, with icons, temperatures, which opens a 4-day forecast when clicked. Twitter Update your Doing By your mobile to Twitter vHome is a free app that add features like search,weather,news, smartdial, full screen wallpaper to your home screen. vHome works with all s60v3 phones, 5700/6220c/N95/ E71/E75 etc
v3.79 update:
1.bug fix: wallpaper might display wrong with classic mode on some phones
2. added many news feeds, enjoy!
3. switched to twitter xAuth(better)
4. if you set left selection key to app other then Start, now key lock works well
5. removed task manager (we find a way to use the built-in task manager on E series phones, so we removed our own)
6. other smaller bug fixes

Thursday, September 9, 2010

TTPod 3.80 s60v2 s60v3 s60v5 Indonesia and English Version

-TTPod 3.80-
powerful music player with МР3/WМА/МР4/ М4А/ОGG/ААС/MID/AMR support. This is a first beta of new version 3.80

Key features:

Monday, September 6, 2010

OpMod 4.2 T4 Handler UI 150

Yg suka opmod . . .


Opmin 4.2 Labs Handler UI 150 Rev2 Imzers Skin

Opmin handler nih. .


Bowling Superstars

Play as any member of an elite
international group of
professional bowling
celebrities on their journey
around the world to compete
for the coveted Golden Ball!
The game blends styling and
atmosphere with dramatic,
rewarding, skill-based and
rock-star attitude gameplay,
offering mobile players
everywhere a fun and
addictive mobile bowling game..!!. . .

*176x208 (s60v2): -download-
*240x320 (s40 & s60v3): -download-
*320x240 (s60v3): -download-
*352x416 (s60v3 Fp2): -download-
*360x640 (s60v5):-download-

Morange 513 Handler

Download MoRange client and
enjoy diverse applications on
your phone.
Applications only available on
client include:
• Chatroom
• IM(MSN, Yahoo Messenger,
• Mochat
• Email
• Ocean Age
• Friend Test
And more..

1. Morange 513

2. Morange (java) 521 EN
morange 5.2.1 (blm handler)

Nimbuzz 172 Handler UI 150

Nimbuzz let's you connect and
interact with your buddies
across popular communities,
including Skype, Windows Live
Messenger, Yahoo!
Messenger, ICQ, GoogleTalk,
AIM, and social networks
including Facebook and
MySpace. Call, chat, message,
share files and more, with all
your friends in one place.
Free calls worldwide: Instead
of calling minutes, Nimbuzz
uses the internet to let you
make free calls to your
buddies. You can also register
your VoIP account to call your
friends on landlines and
mobile phones. All you need is
an internet connection.. .


Sms mutiara

Sms mutiara ini berbahasa indonesia
Aturan pakai :
1. Pilih kategori yg ada.
2. Pilih sms mutiara yg mau anda kirim.
3. Pesan bisa diEdit sbelum dKirim.
4. Isi nomer tujuan
5. Biaya sesuai dgn biaya sms biasa.

SMS Mutiara cracked

Opmin 409 Quain HUI 200b

KataNy sich cucok bwt hp yg kapasitas ramNy minim. Aliaz opmin ini lebih enteng dibanding opmin lain.. Silahkan di angkut. .