Thursday, September 23, 2010

Slide Unlock v2.10 English Unsigned


★ SlideUnlock (S60v5 dedicated slide to unlock) is a mobile phone and the desktop shortcut to unlock additional enhancements to the software, which not only has a wealth of additional unlock method, but also gorgeous interface DIY extensions, is that you not only enjoy more than IPhone, Windows Phone and other mobile phone unlock even more dazzling effect of the sliding, but also unconventional.
★ A variety of keys, cell phone sensor function can play in this software, plus unlock features are fully utilized, is that you can do it without touching the phone to complete plus unlock, greatly reduce the side-S60v5 of mobile phones the burden of sliding lock button, can effectively extend the life of the phone keys, the maximum convenience for mobile phone use.
★ Another theft alarm, phone restart and the keyboard lighting controls and other small features will bring you convenience.
★ Powerful extensions to maximize the skin's highlight your personality and taste.
★ Can extend more slide program shortcuts.
★ The skin through a software installation package to expand, to extend the software's capabilities, to facilitate your own personalized custom sliding unlock exclusive.

Fiture :
¤ menampilkan mini icon di homescreen tube untuk mengunci layar.
¤ dapat mengatur Dobleklick tiga tombol (hijau, putih dan merah) untuk mengunci layar.
¤ Dapat mengatur aktivitas Sensor.
¤ Dapat mengatur posisi jam dan menampilkan persentase baterai.
¤ Wallpaper serta suara slide dapat diganti sesuai kenginan kita.
¤ Terdapat fitur Anti Maling
¤ Skin baru. Skin default (bajak laut), iphone, android, dan crystal.
¤ Memperbaiki bug yg ditemukan di versi sebelumNya.
¤ Dan masih banyak lagi.

SlideUnlock v2.10-1 S60v5 unsigned

Follow this link for more info about new slide unlock v2.20 Signed English + skin :

[update]Slide Unlock v2.20 English Signed

Slide Unlock v2.10 + v2.20 Skin Collection By Benjo

There is some skin for slide unlock.


to apply all this skin work, you need this app installed on your phone:
1. free isms
2. photobook
3. nice alarm
4. power mp3
5. x-plore

extract the folder from rar archive to this patch:
* if you install slide unlock to phone memory:
* if you install slide unlock to card memory:

Download :
Slide Unlock v2.10 + v2.20 Skin Collection By Benjo

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