Thursday, September 30, 2010

Opera Mobile 10.1.beta2 v10.10.934935


Opera Mobile 10 - a new beta version of the well-know internet browser, is now available for smartphones running Symbian 9.x. Opera Mobile includes the most advanced technologies and capabilities that are
comparable with similar
functions in Opera for PC.
New user-friendly and
intuitive interface, fast
download, zoom and pan pages, built-in password manager, and convenient system of tabs and support for touch screens
- this is only part of the
features that make Opera Mobile one of the most comfortable browser for your smartphone.
*Fast loading pages 50%
faster than previous version of Opera;
*Support for zooming and panning pages;
*Compressing web pages up to 70%, which significantly
reduces the costs of traffic;
*New polzovetelsky interface with support for tabs;
*Access to your favorite pages using visual bookmarks;
*Save web pages for late viewing offline;
*Auto-completion for fast
input web addresses;
*Full podderzhaka technology AJAX;
*Support for smartphones with touch screens and much more..
Change Log :
In Beta 2 we are excited to introduce an ARM optimized
version of our lates Carakan JavaScript engine. JavaScript execution speed is increase about 4 times!
We are releasing Beta 2 to encourage user feedback on the updated JavaScript
engine. So we encourage all users of Symbian phones, advanced or novice, to try out this beta 2 and report bugs in the forums.
Known issues include:
* Higher memory usage for Carakan with JIT Compilation.
* Due to timing issues with different geolocation information providers (WiFi, cell towers, GPS) first request may have poor
* Fast scrolling on Touch devices not optimized for page rendering
* Opera Link may not work when using APN with a proxy configured
* Some SVGT images may appear to freeze on Nokia E series phones
* If SIM card is not
registered, or phone is in flight mode, first geolocation request in a browser session may fail

Opera Mobile 10.1.beta2

9 komentar:

andiva said...

iye keren2 tuh fiturnya, tpi sayang ga bs di hp java.... :)

Bayu.ranger said...

Iya mas, buat hp java kyNy mke operamini 5.1 dh. FitureNy jg udh mirip ma opera 10 dan sudah suport hp touchsreen. Tq mas udh mampir.. Blog saya sepi nih jarang yg komen..

bayu fradana said...

''opera mobile 10 handler'' kok belum ada. kpn nih??? thx gan

bayu fradana said...

ayo donk,.. jgn tidur. ane make' aplikasi erick's opera mini. mantap gan,gratististisss,.. tapi ane mau nyoba yang opera mobile 10 handler. klu dah ada, kasih linknya ya? :-)

Bayu.ranger said...

Pasti dh gan, kalo udh ada pasti saya share. Tp aplikasi brExtensi .sis atw .sisx jarang bgd dbikin handler. Kbanyakan aplikasi java yg dibuat jd handler (.jar) ktanya sh sis lbh kompleks dr pd jar.. Eriks operamini extensi .jar jg ya??

bayu fradana said...

sorry baru masuk lagi,.. hihiii

Bayu.ranger said...

Wh dpt info bgus nh,, mksh ya mas:d: btw mke sim card apa?

bayu fradana said...

sim card micro sd.
apakah giuh maksudny??? HEHEE masalahnya ane orang awam hihiiii :n:

Bayu.ranger said...

:h:bukan gan, itu mh memory card... Mksud ane m3 atw telkomsel dan sjenisnya.

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