Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dear Hunter v1.01 Afrikan Safari (iPhone iPodTouch iPad Games)

"The most realistic hunting franchise on the iPhone
returns with an all new
adventure: Deer Hunter:
African Safari! Travel to
South Africa, Cameroon and
Tanzania to bag exotic big
game such as Zebra, Buffalo, Kudu, Elephants, Lions and more! Experience
breathtaking African scenery as you progress from rookie to master hunter, unlocking new hunts and purchasing new gear, weapons and skills.
Participate in multi-day
hunting excursions or opt for quickplay mode where you can choose from lightning and bonus rounds.
Based on the multi-platform, best-selling hunting game from Atari, Deer Hunter:
African Safari is as real as it gets!
- Hunt in 3 different African countries including South Africa, Cameroon and
Tanzania, all expertly
rendered to make for the most realistic hunting sim
experience available on the
- All new exotic big game
indigenous to Africa: Zebra,
Buffalo, Kudu, Elephants,
Lions and more - all with true-to-life sense and behaviors!
- Stay alert! Certain dangerous animals like buffalo and lions will charge at you if your first shot isn't fatal, leaving you less reaction time
to fire a second shot.
- New day cycle adds realism to your hunts as daylight changes from dawn to noon to dusk
- Toggle weapons mid-hunt -
you can now choose between 2 different weapons during any
given hunt.
- Use the dynamic scope to
zoom in and fire more precise shots, hitting your target's
""kill zone.""
- Develop your skills:
accuracy, reflexes, endurance,
tracking and stealth.
- The bigger the game, the
better the game - unlock new hunts and purchase new gear, weapons and skills by bagging the biggest animals.
- Visit the interactive trophy room and re-live your most skillful kills - view stats such as bullet trajectory, exact position of the animal when killed, and any bonus points
earned for kill zone hits, vital hits, specific trophy values and distance.
- Share Trophies of your most revered kills with friends."

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