Thursday, September 16, 2010

VHome Desktop 3.92 English by Tuanloc


Voyager Home Screen
(vHome) is a free ware helps
you customize your S60's
Enable one or two rows of application shortcuts as well as 6 or 7 shortcuts per row.
Key features:
Features like Google, weather,
news, Operator logo, big clock
are pretty straight forward.
Quick task switch: we use the
red end key to switch between
running tasks, it's lot easier
than pressing home key and
then select, also you will
never quit java apps like
Opera Mini/Gmail by
accidentally pressing Red key.
Start menu: another way to
organize your apps, you can
locate an app using smart
dialing, and place the app in
start menu or home screen
shortcut easily. And we
support sub-folder in start
New app popup: after a new
app is installed, you would see
a popup asking if you would
like to run it now.
Lock is easy: Start-Lock,
much better than old way.
Press end key twice to unlock.
And many more.
What's new:
*Added theme settings menu in
the landscape mode;
*Improved startup speed;
*Fixed bug of slow switching
between big clock modes;
*Fixed bug with adding
shortcut icons on navigation
*Restored Nokia style;
*Other small fixes and

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