Wednesday, June 22, 2011

KuGou v2.95 S60v3 EN by Ninja Symbian (Awesome Music Player)


Full support for the format
MP3, WMA, 0GG, AAC, MP4, M4A, MID, AMR, FLAC format

Professional letters KRC

Each word must display the time, karaoke, as exposure OK

Easy music management
DingDong has a simple management, the music is more

HD Audio Decoding

The highest quality mobile music player, professional sound decoders and advanced EQ

Press "#" to find ringtones

Listening to good music simply press "#" button, and find ringtones (Chinese)

Ringtone Search Online

Set hottest MP3 ringtones, you can use to easily download ringtones DingDong

Identifying information of music

6,000,000 Literature online (downloaded automatically, if configured)

Super 6 million database KRC letters, letters of dough constantly updated

display image the full screen

It has an image shows the artist in full screen (automatically downloaded if configured)

effect spectrum

Hidden Control Panel

Progress of reproduction, the control panel automatically hidden volume provides a wider field of view

Colors of the interface can be easily replaced, and the gorgeous singer with a random image

Mini mode player

Take mini-mode compact desktop, free to enjoy the music

Update log:

A modification on the startup screen based on standard player, becoming style
2 Ring tones fixo.Process request, ordering faster and smoother.
improve stability.

(1) A standard mini-mode to optimize the image, making the mini-mode is more visible.
(2) adjusted in the menu interface, the menu in a more unified.

Download :

DingDong (KuGou) Music Player v2.95 S60v3 EN by Ninja Symbian

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