Sunday, December 5, 2010

NulDel v5.2 Risen EN S60v3 S60v5 by Rebel@POPDA


with permission from the official website

NulDel 5.2 Risen
Supplier: WyTHuK
English translation: Rebel@POPDA

Before installing the new version, I recommend to delete the folder: System\Apps\NulDel

Upgrade from version 5.0 Risen
In setting the added 3 points:
+ Auto Scan
+ Auto Garbage Cleaning
+ Personal Car Shoe collection.
(When the data points
when you start the program will prompt for scan
Search for debris or searching private collection).
* Fixed hang on system folders with a closed full access.
* Fixed detection of whether a full open access

Slightly changed algorithm to determine "full access"
may finally Fixed hang on the system folders

* Features:
> Scan Disk: looking for empty folders and files at the end you can put in the necessary exceptions, you can allocate the necessary keys *, 0 and #, delete the key with

* Shoe collection:
> Search garbage - looking for language localization files (except English, Russian and Chinese) and mini-images folder (_PAlbTN)
> History ICQ - removes history files of correspondence in the ICQ client, selectively: BayanICQ, Smaper, QIP, MobileAgent, Slick.
> List BlueTooth - removes the list of bluetooth devices

* Personal Junk:
> Find: search for files and folders specified in the list (already has 50 entries), then prints found. Hot keys: *, 0 and #, remove the key with
> Display: shows the path that you added as personal trash, click on any you can add to the list of file or folder to delete from the list the way, see the complete path

* Information:
> Reference:Check help program
> About the program: it identifies the authors of the program ever involved in the development, the official website for details and thanks to the author of the first version - atrant
> Catching mistakes: if the program is normally started, but further work spotted the error, then restart the program, including this paragraph and in finding the mistakes you will be the text that you want to send me

* Options:
> Folder mini-pictures: you can choose an action when it detects folders with the name _PAlbTN
> Status window: enables / disables the information window open a full access
> Exit: Exit the program

The program comes as is, ie, I am not responsible for the consequences of her work did not carry.

Download :
NulDel v5.2 Risen EN by Rebel@POPDA

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