Thursday, December 30, 2010

New N8 Multiple Mods v2.00 (No Hacked N8 needed)

01. Landscape Dialer Mod
- To enable the phone dialer able to rotate same as others screen (not lock on just potrait mode)

02. KS Improvement Mod
- Improve on Kinetic Scrolling, now your list will be easier/faster/longer on kinetic scroll (you wil SURE feel the different)

03. Photo & Video Mods (97/85/75/30FPS)
- Photo quality change the compression ratio from original 85/75/60 to 97/85/75, video will change from 25FPS to 30FPS and the capture audio quality will change from 128kbps to 256kbps.

04. Continuous AF & Zoom Steps Mods
- You will have an EXTRA option under Video Setting that enable the Continuous AF during video, and the zoom steps been update to reflect smoother zooming.

05. Context Data Object Maximum Size Mod
- Unknown what the actual effect, the mod REDUCE the max size.

06. Music Gallery File Type Mod (MP3/WAV)
- The Music Gallery will include .MP3 and .Wav files into the library if it found any of those audio files within your collection.

07. Music Player Volumn/Heap Mods (80%/30MB)
- No significant effect after the mods, experimenting mods as I can tell.

08. Startup/Shutdown Animations & Sounds Mods (E:/Animations)
- Redirect the phone to look for the Startup.gif and Startup.mp3 during startup in E:\Animations folder and look for the Shutdown.gif and Shutdown.mp3 during shutdown in E:\Animations folder. If none are found then the phone won't play any startup/shutdown animations at all.

09. Browser's Cache Mod (Infinity At D: Drive)
- Change the default browser cache folder from C: to D: and set the amount to infinity, actual effects need those HEAVY internet users feedback.

10. Voice Recorder Duration/Quality Mods (5H/256kbps)
- Set the default Voice Recorder to high quality recording (from 64kbps to 256kbps) and increase the max duration of the recording clip from 60mins to 300mins.

11. UI Improvement Mod (85FPS)
- Experiment mods, changed the default 67FPS to 85FPS and the max processing power from 75% to 100%. Need more users experience feedback on it's actual improvement (if it have any)

1. Included the camera mute mod within mod# 3.
2. Change camera quality setting to 97/85/75 accordingly with more accurate estimated image size to mod# 3.
3. Change video/audio bitrate from 96kbps to 128kbps, 128kbps to 256kbps into mod# 3.
4. Removed useless Photo/Music Gallery mods.
5. Included KS Improvement mod# 2.
6. Improved zoom steps in mod# 4.
7. Music Gallery will search for Mp3/Wav files in mod# 6.
8. Change startup/shutdown animations and sound from C:\Anim to E:\Animations to save C: space.
9. Improvement on mod# 11
10. Most of the mods been rectify back to .txt instead of .cre for easier modification base on personal preference.

For CAF setting below the recommendation of usage:
1. For close up object (10cm~1m) enable the CAF.
2. For normal video capture (>30cm) disable the CAF.

Just download the attachment and sign it with your cert then install. No hacked phone needed!!

Installation steps:
1. Download the attachment.
2. Sign the . sis with your own cert.
3. Run the signed . sis.
4. Select the mods that you like to install.
5. REBOOT the phone.

credit to Faenil for the original mods!

Download :
New N8 Multiple Mods v2.00 (No Hacked N8 needed)

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