Monday, December 20, 2010

Opera Mini Mod (Opmod) 4.2 Test 12 Rev3 English Translated By Priatama


4.20test12 (17186) 12/18/2010 List of changes
=> Private tab.
=> Fixing tabs.

=> Change of rendering the logo and stuff.
=> Transfer settings to the saved pages.
=> typed the address is added to the top of the list.
=> The value of shade when you enter an address combined with a total blackout.
=> Change of schedule.

=> The list of "shortcut" was too "long" item. Edit display settings, and view some of the menu.
=> At the bottom off the curb, did not work pressing the stylus on the "lower" command from the open menu.
=> at mikroemulatore were incorrectly placed team duplication softkeys
=> Double firing commands from the soft-keys on Jbed.
=> Correction of drawing strips commands with disconnected lower curb.
=> When the shading is turned off and the lower borders, shading does not draw on the ground of the lower border.
Download :

* opera420test12rev3en.jar


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