Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mykeylock v1.20 Beta (1.19.1) S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Unsigned [Update 21/12/10]


1. A variety of key plus unlock method:
2. To support custom plus unlock sound;
3. To support it boot from the start;
4. Support is shielded sideslip own key;
5. To provide "Restart Phone" feature, simple and fast restart the phone;
6. A variety of sensors plus unlock.
7. Free sliding unlock. high degree of freedom, custom slider background and transparent png images, support for a variety of formats
8. Anti-theft alarm (based on the distance sensing principle), Let your cell phone to remind you that the first was stolen or lost.
9. Hidden background program is running, and without running a small circle icon display;
10. Program small but powerful, ideal footprint and power consumption, "is worth the use of cost-effective";
11. Support multiple languages: English (UK), Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese (HK, TC);
12. Based on the 5800 development, to a certain extent compatible with N97, 5530,5802,5800 i the same series, have been million people.
13. Choose "simulated yaw key" or "API function" unlock method added, obviously difference is whether the shock;
What new :
1. Mykeylock change the UID, the signature for the public to prepare for the follow-up, be sure to uninstall the old heavy equipment!!!
2. adding "background image auto-rotation"function, you can choose 1-N Zhang background image, automatically change the background every time to unlock;
3. the choice of pictures and audio files to set a "multimedia file view mode ", intuitive, simple and convenient;
4. increase the "slider background image", "time background image"(personal time is added), and also be placed directly drag and drop editing (visual editing slide to unlock screen);
5. slide to unlock screen to increase the signature character of "marquee"rolling effect;
6. Slide to unlock screen dynamic display battery charge status increased;
7. slide to unlock screen to unlock the screen after the success of the dynamic improvement;
8. optimize the code and fix some of BUG, improve some functions;

Download :
Mykeylock v1.20 Beta (1.19.1) S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Unsigned (144 Kb)

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