Sunday, December 19, 2010

Galaxy6 v6.1 J2ME 240x320 (mobile social network)


Galaxy is a new-age mobile social network which allows you to live a full virtual life in your mobile phone! Chatting with friends, sending private messages, meeting new people and playing online games are just a few of the benefits which you will have with Galaxy.
You can choose any look for your character instead of boring standard profile pictures. There are a variety of planets where you can discuss common interests. You can even create your own planet with your own set of rules and norms.
User's benefits :
* Make friends.
* Buy a planet and make it most popular in Galaxy.
* Get married (the sexual orientation of the couple is not important), divorce, have children.
* Keep pets.
* Create and lead a gang or join any existing gang.
* Add photos (via mobile or computer).
* Take part in photo contests.
* Send e-mails and SMS-messages directly from the chat.
* Buy things in the shop, give and receive presents
* Change the character's look.
* Decorate his/her planet.
* Publish public and personal blogs.
* Take part in quizzes, sport betting, GalaFootball. Become a top player!
* ...and much more
The Constitution of Galaxy
Every Galactian has a right for a comfortable communication
Using foul language is prohibited in chatting as well as in nicknames and planet names.
Any insults and flooding are prohibited.
Any manifestations of Nazism, racism, propaganda of violence are prohibited.
The owners of the planets have the right to set THEIR orders on THEIR planets, which don??™t contradict the constitution.
If there is NO OWNER and NO OBSERVER on the private planet, moderators have the right to set their own policy (to put into prison for using foul language and insults).
It is prohibited to advertise any internet resources, except the official resources of the chat (,
It is prohibited to put into prison: if somebody asks to do it, or just because you were moved from the planet by moderators without any reason.
Clans are prohibited to fight against each oher and against certain users. In case of violation the clan will be closed!
You are prohibited to downgrade the status of the character who has a privilege of Moderator and Senior moderator and insult him.
It is prohibited to sell characters, clans, items, planets (except planet auctions), positions of planet supervisor and top up codes. Violation of this Paragraph will be punished with blocking of the character.
Fraud and blackmail are prohibited.

Download :
Galaxy6 v6.1 J2ME 240x320 (mobile social network)

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