Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mobileways Gravity v.1.50.6686 S60v3 S60v5 S^3 UnSigned Proper Cr@cKeD By R@me$h

Mobileways is proud to announce the first alpha version of Gravity 1.5 with a broad number of new features, bug fixes and a completely renewed Facebook section.

Gravity’s gorgeous fullscreen User Interface has been further improved and is now available for all Symbian

platforms: Symbian^3, S60v5 and S60v3.

Gravity comes with its own beautifully designed virtual keyboard for touchscreen based phones. Of course, the keyboard is also compatible with portrait mode.

A lot of work has been spent on polishing the user interface. If you look closely at Gravity’s new UI, you will see round edges, engraved buttons and shadows for a three-dimensional look & feel and of course semi-transparent controls whereever they enhance the user experience.

* Your own tweets that have been retweeted are shown in the “My Tweets” tab
* The “In-Reply-To” button will show all retweets of your (retweeted) Tweet
* Browse all your own Favourites by scrolling down (automatically loading more)
* Browse all User Tweets (from a user’s profile) by scrolling down

* Support for Messages and Notifications has been added
* Posts now show the picture and additional description text
* Browse a user’s Wall and post to the Wall
* Read up to 30 most recent comments in a special Post & Comment view

Virtual Keyboard:
* Virtual Keyboard for Symbian^3 & S60v5 in both portrait and landscape mode
* Landscape mode virtual keyboard finally has Close & Send keys
* Key button popups are rendering correctly on the left and right sides of the keyboard
* A special Edit key opens the phone’s default editor
* The keyboard supports English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese Layout

* The new S^3 fullscreen mode is now available for S60v5 as well
* Auto-More: List automatically loads and displays tweets from Cache
* Preview of pictures supports now
* Google Reader now synchronizes read/unread posts on startup
* Twitter/Facebook buttons have been added to the new keyboard for Foursquare

Bug Fixes:
* Google Reader: a very old crashing Bug has been fixed (USER 130)
* UI Layout crashing bug fixed (KERN-EXEC 3)
* JSON Parser has been fixed for Twitter (”change of your identity” Bug & RT Bug)
* Background Power-Safe mode was broken and has been fixed

About Cr@cK:
* No Need To Register.
* Limitation are Removed .
* Some Errors Are Removed.

Thank you ..!

Download :
Mobileways Gravity v.1.50.6686 S60v3 S60v5 S^3 UnSigned Proper Cr@cKeD By R@me$h

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