Thursday, December 30, 2010

shMessenger v3.2.14 S60v3 S60v5 J2ME "Yahoo!, MSN, GTalk & Facebook chat" (Updated)


FREE Yahoo!, MSN and GTalk and Facebook chat Messenger for your mobile phone

Features summary:
- Internet and WAP supported
- Smileys
- Buddy icons
- Status change
- Themes
- Buzz
- Sounds
- Support Yahoo!, MSN & Google Talk, Facebook chat
- Spy your appear offline contacts (Yahoo!)
- Flash backlight
- Capture & send
- Send file
- English & Romanian Languages
- and many others...

Change Log:
· Improved connectivity
· Improved battery life in standby
· Facebook support
· New languages
· Auto reconnect for IM protocols
· Recent history in conversation windows
· Yahoo conference
· Yahoo ignore list
· Yahoo rename contact
· Server side themes (skins)
· Contacts search
· Virtual keyboard for touchscreen phones
· Sound volume settings
· Font size settings
· Status choice: "I'm on shMessenger Mobile"
· Lots of user interface improvements

· FULL KEYBOARD: start typing in buddylist to bring up the contacts search screen
· NUMERIC KEYBOARD: long press to enter digit in text boxes
· Press * twice for smileys list

Download :
shMessenger v3.2.14 S60v3 S60v5 J2ME

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