Sunday, December 12, 2010

Twim v1.20 Beta J2ME (Twitter Client with Google Translate Support)(Update)


Twim is a mobile Twitter client that runs on devices that are compatible with Java MIDP 2.0. User can browse history, replies, friends, direct messages and public feeds with the application.
Features :
- User can also also update his/her status. - Links can be opened in phone browser.
- You can search for tweets.
- You can upload photos and videos to Twitgoo, TwitnGo, TwitPic, TwitrPix, Twitvid, Mobypicture, Posterous or yFrog services.
- Twim also supports auto-refreshing (in every 5 minutes) and it will alarm you if new tweets are available by vibrating your phone and playing a small info sound.

Version History :

1. Twim 1.19 (November 8th, 2010) :
- Bug fix for xAuth authentication
2. Twim 1.18 (July 27th, 2010)
- xAuth support.
- Lists support.
3. Twim 1.18 Beta
Change-log Not Available.
4. Twim 1.17 (March 19th, 2010) :
· Posterous and TwitnGo support
· Theme support
· Duplicate retweets fixed
5. Twim 1.16 (November 2nd, 2009)
Google Translate support
Paging support in home screen and in search results

Download :
Twim v1.20 Beta J2ME (Twitter Client with Google Translate Support)

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