Friday, December 10, 2010

Camera-z EN by Rebel @POPDA (python)


Description from the author:
Opportunities embedded software shell camera on the Symbian platform is fully realized only in the top models of smartphones. This program attempts to extend some additional features of a program cover the camera and improve image quality.

Features :
Features aimed at creating a quality and at the same time comfortable shooting with a mobile phone. To this end, the program is implemented choice image resolution, white balance, color mode, flash mode, shooting mode, format, image saving, image compression quality. Mode flashlight. Timer. You can add the date on the photo. Finally you can always save the image on a memory card or phone memory. The \ "Album \" - you can view your pictures.

Interface :
Tried to create in my mind the most friendly at the same time simple and convenient interface, how much I managed to judge you.

- Continuous shooting;
- Reorganized menu;
- Reworked the settings menu of the program;

Download :
Camera-z EN by Rebel@POPDA (python)

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