Monday, December 13, 2010

Opera Mini Mod (Opmod) 4.2 Test 11 English Default Black Skin by Priatama


I have shared about opera mini mod test 10, and this time I also will describe the information about the latest opera mini mod 4.2 is opera mini mod 2.4 test 11. This Opmod Modif have awaited anf of course has many advantages as well as having a lot of improvement compared to previous versions.
Here are some changes there in opera mini mod 4.2 test 11.

Added :
In the setting of “General” you can opt out of the bottom border at the opening menu. Instead, the field of active items drawn strip.

Change :
1. Addendum to the warning in the loader, when loading is stopped by mistake.
2. Choosing the copied text into multi-clipboard and paste text in the box.
3. Information on current / all panels on the upper edges, does not appear in the same manner and at the same panel.

Correction :
1. Edit boot – do not repair invalid characters in the address.
2. Error in Nokia startup with disabled full-screen mode enabled and
3. the duplication of softkeys.
4. In the download status window does not work pressing the stylus on the bottom border items.
5. Do not work remotely on the hot box to the status of downloads.
6. Edit code.

Download :
* Opera Mini Mod (Opmod) 4.2 Test 11 En Black Skin.jar

* Opera Mini Mod (Opmod) 4.2 Test 11

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