Sunday, December 12, 2010

JavaHelper 2.00 EN by Rebel @POPDA


Also known as JavaTools
Last updated on 09/11/2010
Supplier: tengge
Language: Eng (translated by Rebel@POPDA)
Status: Free

Unpacking and packing jar files, editing class files, replacement sending paid SMS to an invalid number ...

There is a search for all class files with the replacement of contents and an online translator. Decompressed files will store in E: Data_tengge_imya archive.
Unpacking jar files takes some time, be patient and everything will turn out.

* Two methods of hacking games
* View Character encoding : utf8, utf7, GBK, big5 ... (Of ten)
* Screenshoter.

Note : Fits and works with drives C, E
Download :
JavaHelper 2.00 EN by Rebel@POPDA

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