Sunday, December 19, 2010

UC BROWSER 7.5 0.66 New Build 10120711 S60v5 En Translated By Ranjan


UC browser (UCWEB) is a free Web browser software, apply to all types of mobile phone-based handheld mobile terminals. UC browser users can quickly access the Internet, network world, at any time and for data interaction, access to limit wireless surfing experience: Edit a personal blog, bubble forum/shopping community, email, download files, and subscribe to RSS ... Will the Internet world in your pocket and enjoy high-quality mobile life!
New features:
1. WLAN automatic switching: intelligent recognition of your most recently used WiFi and automatically prompts you to switch and enjoy wireless Internet network;
2. UC micro-Bo-pass: as you solve a lot of troubles, Bo a new update to multiple micro-Bo, lets you share interesting, anytime and friends;
3. the interim prefetch: implementing a WEB page to be read-ahead, turn on compression transfer can also be prefetch WAP (System settings-> advanced settings settings);
4. no graph pattern or picture loading fails to open a picture; the radio
5. upload a picture to view a folder in the picture thumbnails, let your bitch, select the target picture quickly and accurately;
6. message prompting mechanisms: interact with the park information, facilitate quick view Park news.
7. UC prevent malicious third-party browser, uninstall
8. Fixed external CSS analytical problems;
9. web site links open in the background read-ahead after the failure;
10. NetEase users mailbox in the center click to send out a specific problem situations;
11. No plans to switch and a few other shortcuts to set out;
12. stand and optimize come and go electronic information display UI, the effect is more beautiful; 4? 8 ur% u-H
13. the new display settings quick and automatic IP dial-up settings entry; 3 I "r. D1 u. O6 f
14. missed calls and reminders to remind the way to optimize the volume;
. {1 }4 f# e& h+ P15. five-item version of the new font size, display set by you.

Function optimization:
1. in the pop-up dialog box from the painting, let the interface more attractive;
2. replication feature support for line breaks and spaces;
3. Home Search current window opens.

Fix the problem:
1.wap Edition peace official website of the verification code is not displayed (ID tanwentaoai)
2.3GQQ Sun Ranch warehouse prefetching contents cannot be correctly displayed (ID 1023508787)
3. cannot save form password
4.V5 photo upload time switch resolution not immediately take effect
5.m. browser card die (ID covered first)
6. close transit, Bing and eight Kamioka hair accessories posted title box displays exception (user feedback: God No left hand)
7. the part of the URL as a bookmark, click cannot directly open (id: Operafirst)
8. My Shortcut Problem Fixed

Download :
UC BROWSER 7.5 0.66 New Build 10120711 S60v5 En Translated By Ranjan.sis (1.1 Mb)

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