Saturday, December 4, 2010

Michael Prager's ComingNext v1.30 S60v5 S^3 -Calendar Homescreen- (Official Release-28.11.10)


ComingNext is a calendar homescreen widget for the Nokia N97. It sports a dual panel mode where each panel can display 4 upcomming events. The widget can be customized to your needs easily
The widget ties into your device s calendar to show up to 4 upcoming entries right there on your homescreen. The .zip file includes 2 copies of the widget, too, so that you can have up to 8 upcoming entries, which is freakin sweet.
The best part of ComingNext, though, is the vast amount of user-changeable settings available. You can click the image to the right to see the full list of settings. As you can see, not only can you control the various colors and labels and whatnot, but you can also change whichcalendar application the widget launches! This means if you use a more powerful calendar application, like SBSH Calendar or Handy Calendar, you can program ComingNext to launch that, rather than the default built-in calendar application
You can now use the "ComingNext Skin Fetcher" tool to generate a background based your currently used theme & wallpaper.
You can use it like this:
1. install "ComingNext Skin Fetcher" on your phone
2. start it on your phone and click on "Generate". It will ask you for the positions of the ComingNext widgets on the homescreen.
3. In the ComingNext widget, enable the "use background image" option and set "background image location" to "external"

Change Log for 1.30 (2010-11-28) :
- fixed an issue with daylight saving time not being used properly resulting
in events around time shifts to be off by one day or hour
- added option to change daylight saving offset (for time zones which have
more than a +1h time shift)
- fixed changes to calendars not being shown if affected calendar is not
default calendar
- added color indicator to show to which calendar an event belongs to (can be
disabled in settings)
- added option to exclude specific calendars from the list
- Some other Minor Bugs fixed
Download :
Michael Prager's ComingNext v1.30 S60v5/^3 -Calendar Homescreen-With Skin Fetcher

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