Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Extract v3.50 EN S60v3 S60v5 by mEnPDA [Python]


Translated From Chinese to English by oRiEnTaLN73@mEnPDA Team

The software can be run and four of five format, Unpack the compressed format PY Software, including the sis(x), jar, zip, mif, gif, mbm unpacked and sis, zip, jar, mif packaging, as follows:

Unpack classes:

* Sis solution package: support for the three version sis(x) solution package;
* Jar unpack: unpack and optional support for all unpacked two;
* Zip unpack: Ibid;
* Mif unpack: Unpack a sub-file for svg format;
gif unpackptional jpg, png, gif file format of three as a child;
* Mbm unpack: optional jpg, png formats as a sub-file format

Compression type:

* Sis Package: This version of the package with two way ... use the example: If the extract used to extract a happy. Sis ... and then in the output directory with a file called a folder, a folder is the folder to the drive letter in the name of ...
sis package way:select a folder to drive letter in the name of folder package
packaged two ways:directly select the name of the folder to a package(mode 2 pack to pack a folder, all folders with the drive letter)
* Zip package: Support 3 directory paper packaging, marking a packing folder or file to(I Fucai, compression Chinese name is the name change garbled)
* Jar package[test]:first create a root directory empty folder, and then packaged into a jar file should be placed in this folder, select this folder can be packaged
* Mif Package: tag needs a picture can be packaged into mif (supports png, Svg, jpg, gif), to mark the picture all packaged into a mif, in order to better package, the proposed picture for the english name

① third edition sis rewrite the script package that simplifies the process of packing
② rewrite sis package UID is read when the algorithm supports automatic access to software UID, packaging does not require PKG.
③ Second Edition unpacked added

Enjoy our English Release

Download :
Happy Extract v3.50 EN by mEnPDA [Python]

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