Friday, December 3, 2010

SCleaner 07B1 EN by Rebel @POPDA fix1


Language : English (translated by Rebel@POPDA)
Status : Freeware
Compatibility : S60 OS 9.1 - 9.3

SCleaner - a program for a programmable cleaning your phone, with its startup, as well as to backup the necessary data with their subsequent recovery. You can remove the empty file and search for changes in the filesystem.

- Changed the structure of the lists (now each new record starts with a new line - for the sake of convenience);
- List of exceptions now works everywhere =);
- Added delete function system packages;
- Added editor lists and redoktor exclusion list;
- Added settings;
- Added advanced settings in the clean-up;
- In all functions possible preliminary analysis of the operation;
- Added function to save a report to a text file after cleaning;

- All system windows are translated into graphics (except for text input boxes);
- Added multi-threading at all data collection processes;
- Made the monotony in the interface;
- All controls in the program through a joystick and keyboard shortcuts
- Added keyboard shortcuts for all items, plus buttons (1-left button of choice ,2-average (if any) ,3-right button)
- In a choice of lists: *- deselect all #-check all
- List Editor: green key is to add a list of (record), "C"-delete the list (record)
- Unification Splash download (you can put a picture of any resolution, it will be centered about the center of the display)
- Fixed display of negative size stick on some devaysa;
- Fixed a tried everything sent to me the error;
- Minor bug fixes ...

Download :
SCleaner 07 Beta1 EN by Rebel@POPDA fix1

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