Saturday, May 21, 2011

UC Browser 7.7 English Official Version build 1.88 S60v3 S60v5 S^3 Signed And For Java Mobile (Faster & More Beautiful)

UC Browser 7.7 English Version Officially Released ----Faster & More Beautiful.

(12th May, Beijing) UCWeb announced that the latest version of its flagship product, the UC Browser 7.7 has been just released, with those new features, UC Browser became the most competitive players in the mobile internet market, compare to operamini, boltbrowser & skyfire. The highlights of the 7.7 version is more traffic saving to browse WWW site and WAP 2.0 optimization made the page rendering even better.

The feature list is summarized below:
UC Browser 7.7
More traffic saving for WWW Site
*Optimized the compression algorithm, compress the content in the server side.
*Duplicated and similar data will not be transmitted again.
*Save another 30% traffic compare to previous version of UC Browser when visit WWW site, especially for those site is full of words.

Better page rendering
*Support more WAP2.0 tag
*Upgrade the compatibility to WAP 2.0 page.

UC Browser 7.7UC Browser 7.7
No more glary in night mode
*In the night mode, UC Browser doesn’t only process the text and background, but also process the image to lower the brightness, make the image softer.
*Process to both static and dynamic images.

UC Browser 7.7UC Browser 7.7UC Browser 7.7
Dial+Number to get quick access to site in the start page
*Press “Dial+Number” can get quick access to the corresponding site in My Shortcuts in Symbian V1/V2/V3

UC Browser 7.7UC Browser 7.7
Input directly in website
*UC optimized Java version in 7.7 version to bring the direct input feature in website

UC Browser 7.7UC Browser 7.7UC Browser 7.7
Tips optimization
*Tips’ place, background color and font color optimized

UC Browser 7.7UC Browser 7.7

Download :

UC Browser 7.7 1.88 S60v3 Official Version Signed

UC Browser 7.7 Official Version build 1.88 S60v5 S^3 Signed

UC Browser 7.7 Official For JAVA Mobile

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