Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i-Nigma Reader v3.11.1 S60v3 Symbian9.x Signed (Barcode Reader)

iNigmaReader v3.11.1

i-Nigma's innovative barcode reader application enables mobile users to access a predefined URL on the mobile web, or to trigger web services by scanning Data Matrix and QR barcodes displayed on various forms of media such as printed media, billboards, digital screens etc. Once scanned, barcodes direct phones to information and promotional offers hosted on the mobile web eliminating the need to enter long mobile web addresses or response details.

Scan a Mobile barcode, Quick Response barcode or Data Matrix barcode by placing the handset's camera 10 - 15 cm above the barcode. i-Nigma will automatically detect and read the code, and either present the code's contents on-screen, or connect to the mobile web site that the code is linked to.

Download :

iNigmaReader v3.11.1 S60v3 Symbian9.1-9.2 Signed

iNigmaReader v3.11.1 S60v3 Symbian9.3 Signed

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