Saturday, May 21, 2011

TTPOD Java v1.10 Handler UI200 beta5

TTPOD 110 Handler UI200 beta5.jar

TTPod Java is a free software that works as a music player for Java mobile phones. You can use this software as a mobile phone music player and in the same time to download lyrics as well.

But in the fist place what is TTPod ? This is a set of playback, sound, search, download and many other functions in a completely free cell phone music player. Most cell phone models because of its support and audio formats, support rich features such as the skin of downloading the same time, a harmonious match with the phone, ease of operation and management characteristics of human nature.

TTPod plays music in mp3, ogg, aac, mp4, m4a, wma, mid, and amr format. TTPod free sorts your music by mp3 tags (but only artist, album, and genre) and can edit these tags as well. It can also use your folder structure. It displays album art, and it can display lyrics, but only from a separate lyrics file. It wona€™t display any lyrics embedded in an mp3 it self.
There a€™s a mini player for your active standby screen too, but unfortunately you cana€™t control TTPod from the active standby screen yet.

It supports different mobile phone models, is able to play audio formats of multiple kinds and offer offers customizable skins for changing the application look.

Download :

TTPOD 110 Handler UI200 beta5.jar

TTPOD 110 Handler UI200
(setelah di download, rename zip ke jar)

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kok gk unable to install gan??

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