Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tutorial How To Make S^3 Homescreen 6 Pages

New S^3 6 Home Screen Mods For Unhacked Phone:


Please follow below steps to get the 6 home screen mods into your beloved N8/E7/C7/C6-01 (All S^3 devices):

1. Download the attached file, extract the folder into your PC (keep all the subfolders info intact).

2. Backup your phone contents for emergency use if anything go wrong.

3. Connect the Nokia N8 to the computer through USB MASS STORAGE Mode (very important).

4. From the computer, go to E:\Private\200159c0 folder in your phone (create it if it's not there).

5. Copy all those EXTRACTED files (both "import" & "install" subfolders) from your PC into phone E:\Private\200159c0 folder (replace/overwrite all existing files).

6. Properly disconnect your phone.

7. Wait for 1 minute.

8. Change your phone profile to OFFLINE Mode.

9. Now on your phone, go to Menu> Settings> Phone> Phone mgmt. > Factory Settings > Restore

After the phone will auto reboot, you lose all your settings (location of widgets, icons arrangement).
All applications and files will still keep intact (photos, videos, music, messages, contacts).

Special credit to Random_User for his CFW... :)

Download :

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Anonymous said...

Mas ini buat S60 5th yahh??

Anonymous said...

Mas ini buat S60 5th yahh??

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