Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mobileways Gravity v1.32 Retail & Gravity v1.51.6757 S60v3 S60v5 S^3

Mobileways Gravity v1.32 retail & Gravity v1.51.6757 S60v3 S60v5 S^3

Gravity is the first fully-featured and native Twitter client for the S60 platform. It supports multiple accounts, Twitter Search, Laconica,, posting of pictures via MobyPicture & TwitPic and wraps everything into a gorgeous

looking interface.

Overview of Gravity’s Features:

· Compatible with Twitter and Laconica
· All functions available on your S60 phone: tweet, reply, retweet, DM, follow & unfollow, block, create favourites, search, auto-update and many more …
· Tabbed view of your Timeline, Replies, Messages, Friends, …
· Profile View to see information about a Twitter User
· Configurable Audio Alerts for Timeline/Replies/DM’s & Searches
· Auto-Connect to any Access Point and Auto-Fallback to WLAN
· Setup and use as many accounts as you want at the same time
· Group support for creating custom tabs with user-defined filters
· Post URLs from tweets to, Instapaper or Read It Later
· Twitter-Search section with multiple search tabs and Twitter Trends
· Post pictures to MobyPicture, TwitPic, TwitGoo, Posterous, Yfrog or
· Preview pictures from Plixi, Instagram, MobyPicture, TwitPic, TwitGoo,, Yfrog and
· support by simply sending “p message” or “p #group message”
· Open URLs from any Tweet
· Kinetic scrolling on S60v5 ( Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97 )
· Theme support ( fixed dark and bright theme )
· Full-Screen mode
· Includes a Homescreen Widget for the Nokia N97
· Built-in auto-update function and beta access for testing the latest features


1. install 2 file in archive (retail v1.32.sis and v1.57.6757.sisx)
2. opened the retail v1.32 and login if done exit
3. opened the original file v1.51.6757 and login again


* [NEW] Auto-Completion now with Substring Match
* [NEW] Symbols/Smileys for S60V3 via colon char ':'
* [IMPROVED] Auto-Completion sorting your hastags/friends first
* [IMPROVED] Twitter Browser now up to 64 pages

Download :
Mobileways Gravity v1.32 retail & Gravity v1.51.6757 S60v3 S60v5 S^3

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