Saturday, October 30, 2010

Text Away Silent Finder 2.00 (0) S60v3 v5 SymbianOS9.x Signed


About the SilentFinder
Are you one of the millions of people losing and misplacing their Mobile Phone on a regular basis?
Are you one of the millions who lose it while it's in silent mode?
If you are, and chances are that's the case, then SilentFinder was made exactly for you.
A groundbreaking new application, SilentFinder is a simple and ingenious tool helping you find your phone easily anywhere, anytime and even in silent mode and it's as simple as texting a message.
All you have to do is send a text message containing your personal SilentFinder code from any phone to your own mobile.
Upon receiving the message, your mobile phone will emit a loud alarm even in silent mode and a human voice will loudly proclaim "THIS PHONE IS LOST". A message will appear on you mobile phone's screen with the number of the phone you've sent the code message from.
Your phone will also send a text message with it's coordinates on a map to the number you're using (SilentFinder 2.0).
Simply listen for the alarm, wait for someone to contact you from your phone, or follow coordinates to find it yourself.
Say goodbye to lost silent mobile phones, with SilentFinder.
Who needs SilentFinder?
+ Messengers leaving their phones in shops and offices + Nutty professors misplacing their phones all over the place, after keeping it silent in class + Students losing their phones under tons of mess in their dorm rooms + Business people forgetting their phones in taxis in silent mode after a meeting and any one of the millions of people losing their silent phones daily!

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Text Away Silent Finder 2.00 (0) S60v3 v5 SymbianOS9.x Signed

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Ponkz's FanSite said...

Gunanya buat apa om?

Anonymous said...

om.. ini bisa digabung sm f-secure anti theft ga?

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