Sunday, October 31, 2010

Maemo, N97, S^3 hs for s60v5. All in one (GDesk 0.35 beta3) by zavenfoizon


DOWNLOAD Gdesk 0.35 ZIP..

* extract and than install all that sis files in ya mobile,
* than download the original maemo gdd. and put that gdd anywhere in ur MOBILE for example attachments.
* once u install all the 7 files than open gdesk in ur application folder.
* u will see a blank blue screen, than tap anywhere and than choose :
design---> load design ----> attachments ---> maemo.gdd.
and u will find some messed up screen.
so tap anywhere than option.. than tick the following:
replace main
full screen
hide title caption..

How to add icons on a messed up screen:
* 1st download the icons pack and go through all the icons and Extract it to ur mobile,
* than pen gdesk, than go to the page where the screen is messed up,
* than tap anywhere and see ur messed up screen and my uploaded picts (on the 1st post) than u will notice what exactly u r missing.
* than tap anywhere and choose design than click on a blank small icon which should not be seen but its there in your screen.
so click on that and than set icon and choose the image or icon which i provided and choose that icons or picts which is missing. coz the icons which are missing, i have provided in the icons pack.. so like that keep on adding icons on the page which is messed up..
and all its done..
hope it will help u..


Adding N97 hs and even HTC HD2..

Above homescreens gonna merge soon in this design (even with landscape mod).
by zavenfoizon

Download :
1)Gdesk S60.0.35b3
3)Icons Pack
4)Play and Pause Gadget

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