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EndClear v1.20. S60v3 FP1 FP2 EN by Rebel@POPDA


9]Modules Needed:
appuifw,appuifw2,os,time,e32,uitricks,powlite_fm,b ase64,envy,sysinfo,miso,key_tricks,
inbox,appswitch,graphics,switchoff,laa,e32dbm,dial og,globalui

"Ultimate detailed help clean up version 1.2>" :
Welcome to the ultimate clean-up EndClear
This program by the programming group Yagami sky @ ZnTXPDD produced Raindance, Raindance copyright of the sky and ZNTX.CC all, support the original, do not pirate!
This is a platform based on PY garbage super powerful software platform and related modules need PY1.45 support. Need to open a complete break with permission of the program. In theory the software supports all models S60v3_FP1_FP2_240 * 320_320 * 240 (PY theory also supports the platform has been installed S60v5 models), does not guarantee compatibility with all types of hardware and installation of other software, you must bear all the possible use of risks arising from this procedure, if you do not agree, please uninstall the software!

Features in this program:
=> the ultimate clean-up; to use this feature to be cracked open the permissions, all clean-up process automatically, set the program before using, otherwise the default path to open all the clean-up would be more thoroughly empty phone junk files (including Google Maps and QQ picture cache etc.).
=> conservative clean-up; this feature do not need permission to open the crack (in theory apply to all not to break S60v3.v5 models, does not guarantee support for all), a conservative garbage clean-up can not be completely clear, but still can effectively clean up a significant portion of junk files.
=> manual clean-up;

1. SMS clean: clean-up phone text message option (including all, Inbox, Outbox, Drafts and Sent box.) ? ?Tips: In the message list, press [OK] (left softkey) standard election information, click [Cancel] (right softkey) clear the selection of the information not marked, are not marked, then press select [Cancel] the all clear .
2. Clean up thumbnail:
=> sub (ultimate clean-up) and the (fast clearance) are two options, the ultimate clean-up
=> full scan and clean up the C, E drive all the thumbnails. Quick clean-up
=> quick scan C drive, E, the more common paths and clean up the thumbnail generation.
=> Tips: use (full scan clean-up) need to ensure that C, E drive is not locked inside the folder, or program may be stuck with such issues, if there is locking the folder, be sure to unlock the pre-clearance and then clean up.
3. Clean record Notepad: This feature will clear all your phone comes with Notepad, note taking, please use caution.
4. Clean up the Bluetooth connection record: This feature will clear all your Bluetooth mobile phone connection record, please use caution.
5. Compressed memory: memory for security can be compressed on the phone (some models and S60v5 FP2 models may not support.)
6. Restart the phone:
=> You can restart the phone (PY module due to the problem, some models not supported FP2).
=> process management; to see an end to the current phone is the task of running the process.
=> document management; provide rename the files, copy, delete (including deleting the folder), the new, transfer, property, folder lock, unlock a total of eight features.
=> Tips: Do not multi-level directory of the folder or folders that are running threads (such as: is the data folder using the font, etc.) locked, or will occur can not be unlocked, and other unknown risks. In addition, because PY module, the part of the application of this feature FP2 models can not unlock the phenomenon occasionally occur (if this phenomenon using Xploer other file manager on the lock to rename the folder to solve), the proposed non-FP1 machine type used with caution plus unlock features.
=> ultimate uninstall; This feature requires more memory on (less than 5M memory on the use of this feature may cause crashes, because the process of using the cache will occasionally read the phenomenon of suspended animation, please be patient software to automatically refresh the slow charge, I Except for in the testing process due to insufficient memory on crash, but did not find any other functions may affect the phone BUG, you can rest assured!), turn off the ultimate clean-up after the main program, access to independent interface, in theory, can be uninstalled no sis, java program (support unloading bulk), does not guarantee that all unloaded.
=> Notice: PY module due to the problem, part of the FP2 and other models using this feature does not recognize the Chinese name of the theme file.
=> settings; provides 10 optional settings are: thumbnails, installation records, the system garbage, browser cache, temporary cache, and other garbage, Google Maps QQ picture cache and cache, custom garbage, and graphical progress bar switch or text the main interface switch.
=> Note: Graphics state of the main interface: program settings to increase (the background graphics settings) and (background text color setting), allowing custom background images and background text colors.
=> password settings; set the document management needs a password to unlock the folder, the initial password is 1234, please change.
=> custom garbage; provide
=> safe mode and fast mode
=> junk files two custom methods, please carefully customize the interface according to the instructions (if a custom error, it may lead to the risk of cell phone is hard! .)
=> help; more help, on the procedures and check for updates.
Main program shortcuts Description:
Text main interface shortcuts:
ok button). the ultimate clean-up
Dial-up). Conservative clean-up
1). Manual cleaning
2). Task Manager
3). Document Management
4). The ultimate uninstall
5.) Settings
6.) Password Settings
7). Custom spam
8). More help
9). On the program
0). Exit the program
*). Check for Updates
#.) Restart the phone
Note: The following two main interface graphic and text shortcuts different from the main interface.
C key) the ultimate clean-up
ok button) Main Menu

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EndClear v1.20. S60v3 FP1 FP2 EN by Rebel@POPDA

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