Thursday, October 21, 2010

Borqs - mReader v1.00(48) S60v3/5 SymbianOS9x Signed (official version)


Bees gather to display the full support of off-line browsing and customization, you can easily add content selected in the software: includes news and information, sports, entertainment, financial and monetary, well-known blog, lifestyle, photography and other beauties.

You can also customize the keywords such as Zhang Ziyi, the system automatically generate the component, in the subway, where mobile phone signal is not good, you can "Refresh All" function to download all the content to the phone.

Change Log:

1. Resolved after installation, automatic login is not successful the first time, the initialization problem has been unsuccessful
2. In the event of network anomalies, press the arrow keys to abnormal Withdrawal
3.V3 full keyboard shortcuts to increase (8, down 4 left 2 up 6 right-5ok)
4. Software downloads and main access points pop up only once


Borqs - mReader v1.00(48) S60v3/5 SymbianOS9x Signed (official version)

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