Saturday, October 9, 2010

Opera Mini Modif (Opmod) 4.2 Test7 English


(08 October 2010)

List of changes:
=> Jackdaw to add the default name "New Folder".
=> Entering text on the page, without opening the input field. Intended to enter the verification codes.
=> Changing the way the
export / import bookmarks:
stand on the menu selected components of the export file and the data type to import. In the file export bookmarks. Bookmarks and folders are ordered by inclusion.
=> Edit download: change the definition of the opportunity to resume the server, change the definition of the file name.
=> In the templates, open the settings of the text, you can call "hot." As usual, two copies of the template can not be opened. Of the patterns resulting from the field entering the "hot" do not open.
=> If you remove all search engines, after restarting restored the original.
=> On trial - read null
characters when you open a text file in UTF.
=> Off automatic switch cursor to search for a set of addresses in the box.

=> Moving templates list, move to the wrong templates.
=> Edit on the disk cache: a history could not open links, a non-existent path to the cache is not created, if it was allowed to create the path.
=> Edit render status window download - when you open the menu upper shadow does not appear.
=> In an alternative cache in the history of the movement does not preserve the history.
=> errors when creating/removing panels, leads to errors when working with tabs.
=> Not working "hot" RSS Feeds in choosing it from the window hints.
=> The list of servers you can remove two of the last fixed, although it had to be disabled.
===> as said by uncle 'G'


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