Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ETsmsSPrite v1.60 Final English translated by SymPViet


(Update: 18.october.2010)
ET SMS Wizard v1.60 Final simultaneously released the official version of the official website. ET SMS Wizard is a set of messages and letters fly-in-one messaging management software, fake iPhone's gorgeous text chat interface, easy operation and practical so you can fully say goodbye system messaging!

New features:
* 1. Increase the time fly letter, regular text messaging;
* 2. Fetion group increased mass;
* 3. Chat interface smooth scrolling;
* 4. Chat interface, full screen;
* 5. Chat interface of time and information to set the font size;
* 6. Short-mail to display information summary and the number of unread messages section shows;
* 7. Preparation of information to increase word count;
* 8. On the phone and the password is encrypted;
* 9. Fixed some FP2 models out unusual problems;
* 10. Fixed input box comes with Chinese input method does not take issue punctuation;
* 11. Icon size adjustments;
* 12. Increase the number of information display section;
* 13. Other minor adjustments.

ETsmsSPRITE v1.60 Final updates:
1. Increase SMS copys of website, number, email, etc.;
2. Increase contact dialing function;
3. Increase delete SMS of ET option;
4. Increase delete system SMS option;
5. Increase new SMS full-screen forwarding, make calls, modify SMS content and other functions;
6. Fixed exit bug when to update contact no.;
7. Other issues of repair and adjustment;
8. Fixed Fetion 2010 Edition agreement. Source
ETsmsSPrite v1.60 Final EN translated by SymPViet

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