Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bolt 2.31 handler UI 200b3


Special thanks and special dedicated to Raihan of for the support...

Additional Feature:
- MultiClipboard
- Template
- ScreenShot (Call button will do ScreenShot even on inline editing, and the Option to use Key 9 to ScreenShot is usefull for some cellphone which do not have Call button, and the key 9 function will not disturb the inline editing)
- Night Mode

- Anti Joystick (Still got problem on combination shortcut, and on Menu of Inline edit)
- Auto Refresh (Not perfect)
Tested on N97 mini, N73, SE K618i, hopely works on other cellphone

Download Bolt 2.31 handler.jar :
Bolt 2.31 handler UI 200b3.jar

Download Bolt 2.31 :
Bolt 2.31 handler UI

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المشاغب ابوزياد said...

thank you very match

Bayu.ranger said...

Ur welcome mate

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