Monday, October 25, 2010

Sorcerer v1.61 S60v3 S60v5 {Game Cheater for SymbianOS9.x phones} [Update: 25.10.10]


Sorcerer is a game cheating tool that can modify game data in memory easily. With Sorcerer, you can search for any value in your game and change or lock it to the value you want to. You can change the number of lives and amount of money you have with this tool. By searching for unique values in your favorite game, you can locate and change game features.

Java games: Theory, all the java games can be changed!

Online Games: Online Game theory can be modified, but because it is network gaming, the data directly from the game server control, so refresh the data, if they become back to the original. Here to teach you a way to use when playing the big strange change immediately under the power of your attacks, and then use the software inside the lock function to modify data locked, so that you can use in a game of high attack power, but you are offline and then on-line, the data will be restored.

SIS Games: All sisx game theory can be modified (still not found the time being can not be changed sisx games).

Simulator games: Some simulators can modify the game we've tested, but we recommend the use of the hand of God to modify, after all, this software only modify the game to memory, not support amending the archive.

Ngage2 Games: Ngage2 game theory, support all the changes (test can be modified).

S60 Software: In theory, yes you can modify some software, such as mobile QQ, to use this software can be compulsory and others, chat, specific methods will not elaborate here, but you can certainly tell you that site is feasible.

What's new:
1.61 Update: (2010/10/25)
Shortcut manually enter the address to increase

v 1.60 update:
1, the additional capacity of 64-bit data search, the search value greater;
2, can be set to limit the search data, you can search for more data;
3, the hot key changes: the star key and hold button into the volume plus or minus key;
4, reading list, no longer set to "stored" state.

1.50 update :
1, no distinction between MR and FP1 version, adaptive versions;
2, the additional application selection, do not use hot keys can also choose to modify the program;
3, additional camera hot key;
4, after solving the keyboard may not be able to unlock the lock bug;
5, resolved to 0 as the hot key is cleared when the results of the bug.

1.32 update:
Increased "a change" and "no change" search function, so the search is more powerful!

1.30 update:
Increased the volume change data. As long as there is no lock is set to store and modify data can be bulk. If you set the data storage or lock does not appear to modify all the data option.

1.28 update:
Fixed a program instability.

1.25 update:
1, to solve the search often memory bug;
2, additional memory search mode options: Enhanced Mode and Safe Mode. If a search on the crash, use safe mode. Note that the search capabilities of safe mode worse than in enhanced mode;
3, precise search and fuzzy search can be alternately;
4, precise search, you can specify the data type

Download :

Sorcerer v1.61 S60v3v5 SymbianOS 9.x Unsigned

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