Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TwoTowers v1.09 English (python)

russian original package name is mentioned as pyscript Editor v1.09
In the name of packaging twotowers v1.0

writing the script to compile Python and the console application.
After installation, the program consists of 3 pieces.

Author: smart
edited and translated by MxXxeR and Rebel

option fails to compile.
We have a lot of effort to organize the program.
So is it in English.
ultimately 99% of the running.

kolleksiyonunuzda can take place.

It's who wants to make the program in Python for Python Addict
This software will help them to work
Also it is a very good editor for editing Python scripts as well as a text file

Download :
TwoTowers (script editor + console) v1.09

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