Tuesday, November 23, 2010

UCWEB 7.5 Final English by Waryamsoomro


Functional Development and Optimization:

1. Wifi automatic switching;
2. UC micro Broadcom, enabling all to share a key set of micro-Bo;
3. Interim Pre-Reading: WEB page can be pre-reading, open the compressed transfer can also be read-WAP (to be opened in the system settings);
4. Upload picture selection screen to display images;
5. All kinds of pop-up dialog box from the drawing;
6. Replication support for line breaks and white space;
7. No Image mode or when the image failed to load additional open the picture; (interim page open the picture, the first round of closed beta is temporarily unavailable)
8. Paradise game engine: Paradise game to support UC (sun farms), let you experience the interactive games with friends the fun.
9. Set Proxy For Any Domain Manually
10. Can Enable Pre WWW Reading Any Time

Download :

* UCWEB 7.5 Final En International.jar

* UCWEB 7.5 Final En

* UCWEB 7.5 Final En Indonesia.jar

* UCWEB 7.5 Final En

* UCWEB 7.5 Final En Indian.jar

* UCWEB 7.5 Final En

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