Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Font Manager v0.1.0 Official version EN by Amir @ POPDA


Software Name: font manager
Software version: 0.1.0
Language: Eng by Amir @ POPDA
Status: PyS60 for 3rd
Software Platform: PyS60 for 3rd
Software Description: Needless to say it! Change the font.

The process of switching the font: menu "install fonts" Installation "Installation Successful" reboot you can use the fonts.
Please unzip the font placed, in e: / DATA / ziti / in.Configuration file into e: / DATA / ziti / that / in.

Tips : When prompted to select installation drive, be sure to select the E drive, no matter what is your platform, select the E drive, are mounted disc. Others say not do.
Software Creativity is all argument.
Shout we should only remember the author, planners should remember that software! The installation method:
The software requires a large platform for Python and modules support

Note :
- Install on memory card only
- Please do not extract the font.rar using Xplore because sometimes will make the font can not be read. Use freeunrar or extract using your PC
Download :
Official version EN Font Manager v0.1.0 by Amir @ POPDA

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