Sunday, November 28, 2010

TTPod v3.80 Beta2 English by Caominh171 @SymbianVN


update 28 November 2010
Updates :
1, increased one hundred volume, music is more arbitrary;
2, optimal sound fade, support fade;
3, support for AAC audio real spectrum display;
4, support for AAC audio built-in cover display;
5, support long press the volume side buttons to switch songs;
6, the list of performance optimization;
7, optimal spectral display;
8, adjusting the left menu;
9, DIY function to remove the splash screen;
10, the repair part of the BUG.

Notes :
1, N73, E50 and other MR models default is ten volume set to open in the sound volume thinning, the volume switch to one hundred;
2, long press the volume side key the song is disabled by default, open in the General Settings.

Download :
TTPod v3.80 Beta2 EN Translated by Caominh171@SymbianVN (1.1mb)

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