Thursday, November 25, 2010

UC Browser 7.5 Final S60v3 S60v5 English


1.WLAN automatically switch: Smart WiFi identify your most recently used and alert network switch, enjoying the wireless network;
2.UC micro Broadcom: more than one person to solve your troubles Bo achieve a novelty at the same time updates to multiple micro-blog that allows you to share interesting information and friends anytime, anywhere;
3. Interim Pre-Reading: WEB page can be achieved pre-reading, open the compressed transfer can also be read-WAP (System Settings -> Advanced Settings in the Settings);
4. No chart patterns or pictures fail to load when the radio open the picture;
5. Upload pictures to view thumbnail images within a folder, so you at a glance, select the target picture fast and accurate;
6. News Tip Mechanism: information exchange with the park, conveniently and quickly view the park information;

Functional Optimization:
1. Pop-up dialog box from the drawing, so the interface is more beautiful;
2. Replication support for line breaks and white space;
3. Home Search current window open;

Download :
* UC Browser 7.5 Final S60V3 EN International Server.sisx

* UC Browser 7.5 Final S60V3 EN Indonesian Server.sisx

* UC Browser 7.5 Final S60V3 EN Indian Server.sisx

* UC Browser 7.5 Final S60V3 EN by Amir @OPDA

* UC Browser 7.5 Final S60V5 EN by Ranjan.sisx

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