Tuesday, November 30, 2010

PicoBrothers Flashlight Extreme v1.01/v1.00(1) S60v5 S^3 Signed {Freeze Fix}

Turns your phone into an extremely bright led flashlight. Included is also for your safety a SOS distress function. Turn it on to signal SOS message that can be seen several kilometers away.


Flashlight Extreme Update Now in Ovi Store! This fixes the icon bug that caused some devices to freeze.

Supported devices:
Symbian S60 5th and Symbian^3 devices, except N8 due to it has a xenon flash.

Installation Note:
- You first need to uninstall the old version. Then install the version of your choice.
- v1.00(1) is the Signed fixed Ovi version with 24.11.2010 datecode.
- v1.01 is the available fixed version on the developers site with 19.11.2010 datecode.

Download :

* Flashlight Extreme v1.00(1)

* Flashlight Extreme v1.01

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