Sunday, November 21, 2010

SuperPackSis 0.40 EN [ Python updated on 19/11/2010 ]


Supplier: aapig
language: English
Status: Free
Last updated on 19/11/2010

The program works with packages and themes for S60v3, S60v5, Symbian^3. For packaging theme, simply select the SKN file.
Functionality of the program also contains a so-unpacking- packing exe, pyd, dll files, there is still vozmozhnot reduce add- caps. In general the program can substitute for the 03/02 program.

The application uses are in c and e: sys_bin_ CFileMan.pyd, sistool.pyd, shaa.pyd modules, if you have, delete it.

* Added support for changing the volume of extraction UID3 File Exe, check Rsc (changes in the mode of packaging, auto- replacement UID3).
* Added creation of PY, for easy editing. If you have an old version - it is recommended to remove

Download :
SuperPackSis 0.40 EN

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