Friday, November 19, 2010

Opera Mini Browser 5.1 Beta Build 22296 J2ME (Optimised Memory & Browsing Engine)


*UPDATE*Opera Mini Browser v5.1 Build 22296 J2ME

Experience the Web on your mobile phone like you never thought possible. A clean, simple and elegant user experience is available for you, no matter what phone you have.
Opera provides a brand-new look and feel in a class of its own with smooth animations and visually appealing graphics. The Opera rendering engine displays complete Web pages, just like on your computer, and is fully standards-compliant.
* Sync Notes
* Now even more faster
* Download and upload files
* Save it for later
* Sync bookmarks and Speed Dial
* View pages in Landscape mode
* Give your phone a mouse
* Power scrolling shortcuts
* Create custom search shortcuts
* Tools and support for Web designers
* Full Web in your palm
* Video
We are working to make video content available on more phones through Opera Mini. If you have a new Sony Ericsson or Nokia phone, the chance is high that you can take Opera Mini for a spin on

Key new features:
# Tabbed browsing
# A visual Speed Dial
# Opera Mini now remembers your passwords
# A new, easy to use interface, optimized for both touch and keypad phones
# A download manager
# Opera Link, to keep you synchronized

Download :
Opera Mini Browser v5.1 Build 22296 J2ME

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f the usual cheap earphones aren't good enough for you,

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Yes mate, there would be quite disturbing

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