Saturday, November 13, 2010

Skin Free-iSMS 1.10 Glass effects Perfect Design by Amerlino


1. Would have wanted that message box was also made of white and transparent, but unfortunately the font will also be transparent and could not see, so make the black transparent.

2. Have been trying to send / receive / have made the framework of the new information in different colors, but the staining, the practical effect of lack of coordination, I personally do not like, so have a unified model for the white transparent color.

3. That was the information boxes in the view / read is not marked with selected highlights, as completely unnecessary, the corresponding left and right buttons have two functions. Check box so unified uniform, so more beautiful view, I think so.

4. Because the more transparent, so the wallpaper selection be limited, it is recommended that selected bright wallpaper; In addition, the font color of skin, if not to your wallpaper, self-regulation.

Download :
Free-iSMS 1.10 SMS Aero Glass effects of a simple skin Perfect Design-Amerlino