Saturday, November 6, 2010

SBSH Reminders v2.00 S60v3 S60v5 S^3 SymbianOS9.x Signed Cr@cKeD-By-R@me$h


Reminders offers a set of utilities designed to fill all reminder-related needs that are missing with the built-in reminder utilities shipped with your Symbian S60 phone.

Reminders brings a single interface for reminder management that features one-place list of all your device reminders including reminders from appointments and tasks, smart action reminders such as contact dialing, automatic profile switching, application launching and more, far more advanced reminder snoozing options, MP3 playback and much more! Empower your phone with Reminders!

Here are some key features of "SBSH Reminders Touch":
Advanced Snooze:
*· Snooze reminders for different time periods
*· Shortcut buttons for reminder snoozing using your phone's dial-keypad
*· Full screen alarm notification window with large reminder details display and indication icons for special reminder actions such as recurring reminders, contact linking and more

Reminders Manager:
*· Manage all of your phone reminders from one list, create new reminders, edit and remove exiting reminders
*· View reminders based on status: upcoming, snoozed and dismissed
*· Including reminders taken from your Calendar and Tasks databases!

Smart Actions:
*· Define silent reminders to switch your phone profile at certain times of the day! Use this feature to easily create time-based profiles!
*· Create recordings played when reminder is fired
*· Associate contacts with reminders and easily initiate a phone call to this contact when reminder is fired
*· Define application-launch action when reminder is fired to activate different tasks on your phone at pre-defined time

Tailored Reminders:
*· Powerful reminder configuration dialogs offering ability to create target-precise reminders for every need
*· Basic reminder definitions such as: title, time, date, reminder sound and sound properties
*· Create advanced recurring reminders with various recurring parameters
*· Fully control reminder sound options from reminder sound type, sound length, repetition count, auto-snoozing and more!
*· Use reminder configuration dialogs to fine-tune your reminder smart action properties
*· Symbian S60 5th , 3rd , S^3 Edition

About Cr@cK:
*No Need Register.

What's New in This Release:
*· In the 'settings', under 'Upcoming alarms days', added an option 'Infinite', when selected, all the reminders are displayed in the list regardless the the date (in the future) they are created.
*· After changing the 'upcoming alarms days' in the 'settings', the alarms list in the main screen is refreshed according to the choice.
*· In some cases, the menu, in the main screen was not 'updated', this is fixed.
*· Modification of the autostart function.
*· the 'repeat' of the sound works now when it is set on 'until released' in the smart tab.
*· Some minors bugs fixed.

Download :
SBSH Reminders v2.00 S60v3 S60v5 S^3 SymbianOS9.x Signed Cr@cKeD-By-R@me$h

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