Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nimbuzz v3.0 S60v2 S60v3 S60v5 S^3 SymbianOS9.x Signed "Improved Call Screen" (Update: 05 November 2010)


The best way to become More Mobile!
* Be online available on the go
* Chat with your friends
* Start an online buddy Call
* Send text messages
* Send photo's, video's and files.
Stay in touch:
Join your friends online. Whenever you have something on your mind. Show them your mood, presence, location or start communicating with them.

Save Money:
Instead of calling minutes, Nimbuzz uses the internet to let you make free international calls to your buddies.

Friends or family not online...?
No problem. Buy NimbuzzOut credits to call landlines and mobile phones against low rates. Saves you a lot of money on international calling!

Locate your Friends:
Share your location and retrieve the location of your buddies on a map. Great for arranging face to face meetings.

Never lose your Contacts:
Use the Phonebook to back up and restore your contacts. Contacts will be backed up online. Comes in handy when you have lost your mobile phone.
Change Log:
* Here are the useful new features you will enjoy in this version:
* Customizable tabs: select which tabs you want to see and in what order.
* NimbuzzOut call rates are displayed in real time below the number before placing the call.
* Recent calls tab: see all your received, missed and outgoing calls.
* 2 new chat styles: with avatars and without.
* 3 options to view the Contact List.
* Sort contacts by status.
* My info tab: gives you quick access to your profile, NimbuzzOut credits, accounts, suggested friends and friend invites.
* Facebook Connect: removes the 400 contacts limit and connectivity issues.

Download :
1. Nimbuzz v3.0 S60v3 FP1 Signed

2. Nimbuzz v3.0 S60v3 FP2 Signed

3. Nimbuzz v3.0 S60v3 OS_9.3 Signed

4. Nimbuzz v3.0 S60v2 Signed

5. Nimbuzz v3.0 S60v5 and S^3 Signed

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