Tuesday, November 9, 2010

[Patch] Full Screen Menu S60V3 9.1/2/3/4 by CODeRUS
* Extract from archieve and copy to !:/patches
* aplly and add to auto patch on RomPatcher
* open jbtaskman (or other task manager
) And kill RomPatcher or pres multitasking menu (press C button)
* Restart your device
Good luck
Download :
Patch full screen in Menu View by CODeRUS

=>Patch full screen in Menu View S60v3 by CODeRUS
* Extract ke E:/patches
* aplly dan add to auto di RP+
* Buka jbtaskman (atw task manager lain)
dan kill Rom patcher+ atw muktitasking menu (press C button)
* Restart ponsel

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