Saturday, November 6, 2010

EQO Mobile v1.64 J2ME


EQO transforms your mobile's traditional phonebook into a "social phonebook". Need more help visualizing this? Think of your phone s current address book, on about 50 cups of coffee. It s the core of your new and improved mobile experience, where you can stay connected to friends, family, business contacts and the world - all from one app.
There are so many features go ahead and try them all!
- Mobile voip (cheap international calling)
- Free Mobile IM
- Free EQO Messaging
- Friend Feeds
- content Feeds
- photo sharing

What's New at EQO
-INTRODUCING EQO TRAVELER - Slash your roaming charges by up to 80%!
If you ve ever used your mobile phone while traveling, you know how quickly expensive mobile roaming charges can add up. That s why we created "EQO Traveler", a brand new feature that can save you up to 80% on mobile roaming charges!
On top of cheap calling and free EQO texting to friends that have EQO, calls between online EQO users are up to 50% off the regular EQO rates.
Send your FACEBOOK and EQO friends Vibes with Vibrator. Vibes are like pokes, but cooler, and they ACTUALLY vibrate! Send vibes to any friend on Facebook and maybe you'll get vibed back, who knows? Send more vibes to get new ones; the best Vibes are at the end!
Download :
EQO Mobile v1.6.4j2me

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