Thursday, November 11, 2010

Unga Unga v1.00 S60v5 English By Dedomil


Help our caveman find the ropes and swing up to the top of the hill, but be careful: if you don’t jump at the right moment, you will finish up on the floor.

Your knowledge of the in-game physics as well as your skills are the key to make advance in this game. At the end of each level you will find a reward to help you to pass on to the next stages.

UNGA UNGA, old school is the new school. UNGA UNGA, swinging back into history UNGA UNGA comes onto your mobile, the incredibly addictive ability game.

UNGA UNGA is perfect for all the players and ages. The intense games format will ensure you continue trying to pass all the levels, once you start you cannot stop

Download :
Unga Unga v1.00 En By Dedomil

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