Thursday, November 4, 2010

UcBrowser v7.4 0.65-10102217 S60v3 S60v5 Beta OS9.4 signed Official English


Functional development:
- Web site security, counterfeiting, arbitrary deductions from the security tips web site, users can be malicious site to report;
- Download security, can be set to download the security of resources before and after the scan, users can download the resources on the comment, score;
- Add a free copy feature that allows copying from arbitrary;
- Support web pages from web site upload attachments;
- V5 support flashlite call;
- Increase the novice wizard, a new installation to guide users quickly familiar with the UC.

Change-Log New version features-:
(1) WAP APN Support : This symbian version works fine with all APN's.No matter whether it is a WAP or WEB APN.
(2) Boost Loading Speed: Optimized the core code and made connecting fast and stable.
(3) Support WAP 2.0 ,so the rendering for wapsites developed a lots.
(4) All English version will be released in one binaries ,and allow users to select their countries in the installation.
(5) Optimized Display: Improve the core technology of UC Browser,boost its performance and compatibility and landscape WAP 2.0 page display.
(6) Improved Wapsites Efficiency ,bring you faster speed when you browse wapsites.
(7) My shortcuts ,allow user to personalize their navigation sites.Stick your favorite website in the Start Page.Press and touch the button to activate the menu to stick your website in your navigation.
(8) Enhance Camera Function: When using capture and upload function,you can zoom in/out with +/- button. Optimized photographing function,support auto zoom in the function of shot & upload.
(9) Cursor Mode Default ,which means more localized changes made for users.
(10) UC School : Have Fun in UC School.Follow our squirrel to experience the powerful UC Browser

(11) Localized Start Page for different countries for Java platform.

Download :
1) UcBrowser v7.4 S60v3 Beta OS9.4 signed Official English

2) UcBrowser v7.4 S60v5 Beta OS9.4 signed Official English

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